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Angel Therapy

What is Angel Therapy?
Angel Therapy is a form of Energy Medicine whereby the Angel Practitioner connects with the Angelic Realm calling on particular Angels and Archangels to help with the healing of burdens for the client. Angelic assistance in the form of light energy moves through the hands and breath of the Angel Practitioner and through the body of the client. There are different Angels that assist with a variety of different issues and in different energy centers in the body. This Therapy leaves the client feeling lighter and more clear in energy and mood.  If you would like to learn more we offer a complimentary discovery call with Terese email

Along the Spiritual Path there are a multitude of practices and tools that will assist in your own healing and remembering.  At The Space we offer a several unique modalities to explore and experience.  If you would like guidance for beginning your healing journey and what offerings may be best for you please reach out! 


As a Non-Profit we are committed to providing services to those that find themselves in need through our Energetic Exchange Partnership.  If you find yourself with hardship please email us so we can discuss options.  We never want money to stand in the way of wellness. 

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CLIENT Love...

“I found Terese rather serendipitously when I needed healing and guidance deeply. I felt comfortable with her instantly and after my first session I knew I needed to visit with her again. Her presence is warm and understanding and I am always in awe of her gifts. When telling friends about her office I often refer to it as a piece of heaven, it’s a safe place to unravel and reset. I leave our visits feeling confident, refreshed and with great notes I eagerly apply to my life. I really can’t recommend her services enough, she even has her own beautiful tarot deck of angels.”

~ P. Lutz

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