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11/11 Message from Spirit

A message from Spirit on this auspicious day 🙏

We are always with you. We are always showing you in little ways and big ways that you are not alone. It is simply your ability to pay attention and notice. You have awoken to the truth and you see and now it is time to share what it is that you have discovered and remembered not only about yourself but of all. Each time that one of you awakens and truly sees you have opened a portal of truth for others to step into in their own way and in their own time. So many have completely forgotten how to live and see the world and this Divine Universe as it is…a mystical and magical place.

When you are able to remember this and step into the light of truth, the magic comes alive all around you. It has always been there however you have allowed it be remain hidden for so long due to the noise of the mind. The constant distractions that are taking place and you continue to allow. As you know when you stop, pause, breathe and create stillness and silence that part of you that has been asleep begins to stir and you begin to experience and see things the way that you have always seen them prior to being born in this lifetime.

This is not new for you, it is who you are, you have all of the wisdom that you require within. It has been forgotten that is all. You will remember. It is why you are here, when you are ready you will remember. When you allow yourself to swim in the mystical and the magical even for a moment something cracks open within and you see and feel and experience a beauty and love that is unlike anything else that you have ever even imagined possible.

When this happens something shifts within and you cannot go back to sleep…ever. You may nap from time to time and have moments of forgetfulness but truly once the awakening has begun you do not need to worry whether or not it will continue. There is no other option…whether it is this lifetime or another it will happen. It is why you exist as this human…to experience the part of you that is asleep and then to experience the beautiful awakening. To experience in your way and in your time the truth coming back to you. As the clouds begin to clear in the mind the still quiet voice that has been buried deep within can be heard. It starts out so quiet and so many miss it or disregard it.

There is a great error that has occurred in your society where the thinking mind has taken precedent over your own internal guidance so much so that most have no idea that it even exists. It is a great sadness, it is the North Star for you all and so many do not even know it is there. This is the importance of speaking out, of sharing what you have discovered within yourself once again. It is the mirror for others that you feel called to hold up. There is no need to try to teach anyone anything or convince anyone of anything…just be. Be in the truth as it is revealed to you. Be authentic and real remove all masks and stop hiding. Step fully into the light of who you are and it is that light that others are ultimately drawn to as they begin to see it once again within themselves. Be for yourself and be for others.

This is the partnership that is occurring for you all. Whether an encounter with another is “good” or “bad” it is serving you both and you have given one another an opportunity to see a truth and to choose differently. It does not matter if the other sees it or experiences it as you do, it only matters your perception and your growth. Allow others the gift of their own journey and their own awakening in their own time.

Honor others as the Spiritual Beings that they are…as soon as you think you know better for anothers journey or timing you have stepped fully into Ego and you have once again forgotten the truth. You are on your own journey, sharing time and space with others and assisting one another along the path to BECOMING. Each moment is another opportunity to surrender and to trust. Keep practicing to be fully in the moment. When you live fully in the moment the truth is always there for you. This is a journey of day by day…moment by moment…breath by breath.

Slow down, breathe and remember in your way and in your time. Pay attention my friends and allow this magical and mystical Universe to support and guide you. Step out of your box and disregard so much of what you have been taught to be true and you will experience the real truth of who you are. A being of light and of love with immeasurable strength, power and abilities. You are so much more than the limits of the mind could ever conjure…it is within the expansiveness of the heart where you will discover and remember.

Be well friends.

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