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11 Ways to Nurture Yourself Through Overwhelm

1. Prioritize self-care and return to balance.

2. Find a physical or mental place to go where your nervous system and energetic focus can relax, decompress, and regulate.

3. Self-regulate through restorative practices like meditation, jumping, shaking your body, movement, stretching, somatic practice, breath work, sound medicine/music, bathing, and rest. This will help you reach mental, physical, and emotional relaxation, balance, and higher vibrations.

4. Honor your capacity.

5. Spend all the time you need processing your emotions.

6. Guide your emotions with self-compassion and gentleness.

7. Create a safe space and thriving environment. You can't heal or restore in the same environment that is depleting you.

8. Journey in grace.

9. Seek help and support if it's all too much.

10. Nurture your body and spirit.

11. Set and maintain healthy boundaries.

Shared by Heather Aroesty. Heather, a gifted teacher, shares her love for yoga by offering classes focused on mind, body and soul. Join her for The Medicine of Yin or experience the many benefits of pranayama in her Healing Breath class.

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