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A Call to commUNITY

Hello dear friend. I come to you today during this divine celebration of Easter and I offer a deeper understanding of the Mission and the Vision of our beloved Space in partnership with Scott Foundation. When I started The Space I was just coming out of my own sabbatical time in deep connection with what I refer to as God but can most specifically be known as Father/Mother Consciousness and I felt the invitation to expand from my own personal heart work to offering a space for other facilitators to share their hearts calling and to create a space for community to gather and support one another on the journey of awakening. As I had walked my own path of awakening without the support of community I felt a strong urging to offer this support with and for others that find themselves on this interesting, sometimes difficult and always beautiful spiritual journey of remembering who we are. This was the birthing of the Space in its original form.

As I progressed along I had this deep regret that I had not started The Space as a non-profit and began to look into what it would take to become a nonprofit. For any of you that ever have gone through that process you know that it is exhaustive and expensive. I held that desire within my own heart but let it go as it felt much too big for me to navigate. Over time as we met more people and understood the journey and desire for wellness that others were navigating I began to be gifted with a bigger vision of what was possible for The Space. I began to see that we could be a place of support for ALL regardless of age, background, financial status and this vision started to take up residence within my own heart even though I had no idea of how we would accomplish this.

What I have learned is when you operate from a place of Surrender and Trust…YOU never have to figure anything out. If you hold the vision that is aligned with Divine Purpose you will be brought the people and the resources that are necessary to bring the vision into reality. This is exactly how we were brought together with Scott Foundation. If you dont know about Scott Foundation they are a divinely aligned organization that has been working to empower Arizonas Foster Youth for the past 16 years. I have personally known the founder Colleen for several years and had always felt a deep connection with her. In recent years Scott Foundations vision had begun to expand through the work they were doing with kids and they were seeing a greater vision for Humanity that was born through the hearts of Foster Children. The kids developed 9 Pillars of Service that became the higher calling for Scott Foundation. These pillars are seen through the hearts of empowered Foster Youth as:

1. Environment & Sustainability (care for the earth & elements)

2. Farming & Agricultural (clean food)

3. Self-Care & Wellness (spiritual development)

4. Animal Welfare & Rescue (treatment and care of animals)

5. Culinary Arts (most specifically hunger & food security)

6. Community & Human Services (sense of family and belonging, care for others)

7. Construction Trades (housing & helping the homeless)

8. Art & Culture (sense freedom, creative expression, art for social change)

9. Journalism & Storytelling (deeper knowing of truth and the hearts of those involved)

Scott Foundation then set out as a Mission on a Mission to bring together others with a passion and their own vision within the scope of these 9 pillars. Here is where the convergence of Scott Foundation and The Space happens. The kids and the team at Scott Foundation began to see that Well-Being and SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT was the foundation for ALL the Pillars that had been discovered, it was the foundation for the kids being able to SEE and VISION a NEW EARTH. It was through the work that was being done on SELF that hearts were opening and minds were being changed for a world of possibility, hope and love.

The larger vision and mission of Scott Foundation is one for Humanity and The Space Mission and Vision of Well-Being for all is a Divine Alignment to provide tools, support and inspiration in opening the heart and freeing the mind for any that are called. This is where we ALL come together in community. This is where we reach out our hand to you and ask for you to search within your own heart to find the divine alignment that may be calling to YOU on this mission.

There are many ways to assist whether it be through Action of Selfless Service, Financial Assistance, Divine Connections or the Power of Prayer in support of this Mission. We are in immediate need of ALL and open to receive all.

Today’s message however is most specifically being sent For those that are in a place to assist financially as I have felt the strong call to ASK for assistance from our community in expanding our reach. This means that we are in need of assistance to continue with the foundational work in creating The Space. Our vision includes offerings and services for those most in need with a tiered payment program allowing for a structure of “Pay what you can and pay it forward”. This structure is still in the works however we are slowly rolling it out and you will continue to see the shifts and the changes coming in WellnessLiving. For us to offer this kind of structure we will need strong financial support to be able to offer sustainable wages to our facilitators, maintain our physical space, develop new programs, offer scholarships, expand virtual and online offerings and expand our vision to include our own building and retreat space.

After nearly 25 years in the world of wellness I have seen that it has become a playground for those that have the finances and the time to explore their own healing and well-being. I am one of those people. I have had the blessing of support to dive deep into my own work and through that work I have awakened to a calling for humanity. There are many of us at the space that have poured out our hearts here and have joyfully given our time, our money and our energy to this vision and will continue to do so we cannot do it alone though. We are in need of assistance and community support.

There are several ways in which you can support the space mission financially. All I ask is that you search within your own hearts to see if there is alignment for you and your family to assist us in expanding this message and support for those most in need. No matter what that answer is for you we say thank you and we ask for your ongoing prayers which I have come to know as one of our greatest superpowers.

I appreciate your considerations, I appreciate your time, your continued support and your love as we navigate this beautiful invitation to step more fully into the assistance with and for humanity and our earth.

Much love…many blessings.

Treasure Milinovich

Founder The Space Center for Well-Being

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