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A Daily Prayer

I felt called to share my daily prayer. As I draw my attention, intention and awareness inward merging with the energy of Divine Presence these words that I speak fill my being with a power and a connection that reminds me of all that I have yet to understand and draws me into the space of my humble and loving heart. In this time I allow myself to once again surrender and trust and I am filled with love. Much love and many blessings!

I call forth Beloved God, the Inner Plane Ascended Master council of my being, all emissaries, Angels, and Archangels that through Divine Plan may assist me to manifest the highest potential advancement of my consciousness on Earth. I call to Mother Gaia and I ask for the Inner Earth Temple Workers to ground my energies over this day. I ask for assistance in opening my chakra column and my heart to the divine nature of all beings for the manifestation of my Divine Presence on Earth. I call to the Karmic Board and I ask for karmic absolution in relationship to all that is occurring presently in my life that does not serve my being in the expression of divine light, love and the creation of my new reality.

I ask for assistance and ask for my chakras, meridians, cells and bodies to be cleansed, aligned, re-energized and activated to the true soul signature of my Divine Presence. I call forth for all soul memories, aspects and extensions to release all wounds that bind and limit the experience of our soul on Earth. I call forth for the sacred repatterining of my energy body to the divine blueprint of my soul. I call forth to the God Presence of my soul to merge with me and call for the karmic memories of my soul to be lifted into the light of God. I now release all old emotions, thought forms and memories that deny my divine nature and the divine nature of All That Is. I now accept my divine nature as one with All That Is.

I call forth for a column of light to activate through me. I ask for all my chakras to open and release wounds that I hold within my energy body, and to receive Source frequency from my Divine Presence.

So Be It.

Chant 3 times the God Presence Mantra:

Om Maya Ma Kita Raku Ana Peya Namu

Shared by Treasure Milinovich. Treasure is the much loved founder of The Space. As a compassionate Spiritual Guide, she utilizes hands on energetic techniques, guided meditation, sound therapy and intuitive guidance to create space for others to awaken. There are many opportunities at The Space to join Treasure and benefit from her gentle guidance in intimate small group sessions or larger community sessions.

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