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A Journey to Divine Spirit

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

I awoke this morning feeling compelled to share from my heart about the Divine Spirit Messages. I never want anyone to think that this peaceful, loving, connected woman is who I am all the time. I never want anyone to feel as though this state is unattainable and that I must be some special or gifted person. I am not...not anymore than you or anyone else is. I have come to understand that these messages are simply the guidance that I receive from my Higher Self…my Divine Presence. These are no different than the messages that I have been receiving for several years now in the quiet of my own heart. I was called to share these messages and because I have committed my life to surrendering into Divine guidance I listened. It was very difficult and I felt insecure and incredibly exposed in the beginning however I said yes.

I said yes because I know that it is our mission to serve one another and I knew that I was meant to share about my own journey of awakening. My life is not much different than so many; I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. What may make me different is that my entire adult life I have had an insatiable desire to understand who we are and why we are here. This desire came from the lens of my own trauma, as it usually does.

I came to approach my spiritual awakening as though my life depended on it, which frankly at the time it did. After so many years of struggling through the spiritual journey I finally just let it all go; I let go of what I thought that I knew and what I thought that I understood. I emptied my cup completely and I just gave my life over to God. On my knees in pain and suffering from the false stories in my own mind I surrendered.

That was the day that my life changed and I became a different person. That doesn’t mean that everything has been easy since that day, it has not. I am still on the journey, I believe that as long as I am breathing in this body I will be learning and I will be growing. I welcome that and I look forward to it all, even the difficulties. I can see clearly that this is why we came, to experience it ALL.

I do not live constantly in a state of bliss, although when I spent a good part of my day in meditation and prayer that is what I was experiencing. Now that Spirit has called me back into the world and back into the work of the world I am always practicing. I must use the tools that guided me to that bliss in the first place. I use the breath, I use mantra and I must ground myself several times throughout the day.

Some days I come to a place where I don’t want to do any of it and I simply want to go back to sleep and just forget what I have come to know and I makes choices that create suffering for my body. I do not shame myself in these moments I simply see it all as part of my own journey.

When I am called to share the Divine Spirit message I simply draw myself into a meditative state, I call in my guides, I surrender myself into the moment and I let go completely of my own thoughts, words or desires. I become an open portal for Loving guidance from the realms of the expansive heart space. These messages are as much for me as for anyone else and I always feel so filled up with love after I am complete. I have become incredibly practiced at attaining this state so it does not take long, it simply takes dedicated attention and awareness.

This is what I have found is the answer to it all. Dedicated attention and awareness to our own spiritual journey will open us up to a completely new way of being and seeing this world. We come to realize that we have been making it much more difficult than it needs to be and the practice of connecting to our own Divine Presence is quite simple once we realize and detach from the ego mind space.

Through mystical experiences I have come to know my own Divine Presence quite well and I have a deep connection and love for that which cannot be seen on the physical plane…only felt, sensed and visioned. I have come to trust the I AM presence with absolutely everything in my life and that trust has led me to a life MOSTLY absent of fear, doubt, worry, sadness and anger. I continue to be a work in progress however I know with certainty from my own experiences that we are beings of light and of love here to experience all of the beautiful emotions therefore I welcome them all they simply don’t come to visit much anymore.

It is always my prayer that all come to know themselves beyond the limitations of the ego mind, the body and the trap of the collective consciousness. I stand in that prayer and that vision for humanity every day. I will continue to journey, to learn and to share for as long as I am called. I will continue to step beyond my own place of comfort to serve and to be a light for a New World. This is my assigned work for this life and it is an absolute honor.

Much love and many blessings 💞

Treasure Milinovich

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