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A New Respect for Yoga Blankets

I must admit, I took on a task that was, quite frankly, my least favorite domestic chore, LAUNDRY.

I volunteered to help wash the studio Yoga blankets. But, it was not drudgery in the least bit. It actually turned out to be a pleasure, a meditation, and a gratitude practice for me. It started the moment I was loading the washer. I took each blanket from the bag, and while unfolding I began to notice all the different elements of each blanket. All the different colors, textures, thickness, weaves of fibers, the different fringes. Some of the blankets had been used more than the others, was this because of their color etc. that the student chose the blanket? Or, did that blanket happen to be on top of pile? I also thought of how the blankets are just as individual as the students I have had throughout the years, and, all the uses I have encountered with Yoga blankets.

As I took each blanket out of the dryer and folded them, I recalled a workshop I took years ago on "Yoga Blanket Folding". This led me to remember a class I taught on a weekly basis for a recovery group of all men, who were in different stages of withdrawal. The blanket folding class paid off, because it mattered to the men that the lumps, ripples and bumps were smoothed out, so they could lay in comfort and stillness as much as possible. I also thought about all the stacks, rolls, support, covering, and comfort that these blankets bring to aid us, and how I have taken them for granted over time.

This whole experience has rekindled my respect for how much Yoga blankets provide in our Yoga practice, and how the little things, like laundry, can make a big impact in our lives, if we are clear and present.

Shared by Tammy Gattten. Tammy is a loved and respected yoga instructor. Her commitment is to the safety and well being of her students through mindful instruction and sequencing, gentle adjustments, and connecting daily life into intentions to be applied on and off the mat. In any class Tammy teaches her students are cared for and loved, mind, body and soul. You can join Tammy every Tuesday & Thursday in Movement & Meditation at 9am

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