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A Story of Yes

A story of YES. I feel compelled to share a powerful story of healing as I know that it is the stories of others that are there to support and encourage us along our own journey. A short time after we started sharing classes in the community room I received a phone call from a woman looking to try energy healing. She shared that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was very clear that she didn’t expect to live and was looking for guidance and clarity in leaving this world without all of the anger and bitterness that she was carrying. I felt a strong and instant connection with this woman and was incredibly intrigued by her approach to this diagnosis. She was so strong in her beliefs about which treatments she was willing to try, even if it went against the adamant advice of the doctors, and she wasn’t afraid to die. This lack of fear around death was honestly what interested me the most about her. It is exceedingly rare to find someone that isn’t a deeply spiritual person; which at the time she wasn’t; that doesn’t fear death. When we first started to see one another she had never tried energy work, wasn’t a yogi or a meditator and frankly was a complete skeptic of it all. In addition to the work we were doing together she started to attend some of the community classes. As we were brand new at the time many of the classes that she attended only had her and the teacher, which as she would tell it was absolutely perfect as she was in such a bad state she couldn’t really talk to anyone and didn’t want to be with anyone. Her journey with cancer was one of the saddest stories that I had ever heard. She was diagnosed right before Covid and had recently moved to AZ all alone to continue her education, therefore she had no one with her. She had no one to walk this journey with her, she was all alone. As I would sit and listen to her stories of battling with doctors about how to treat this illness and the anger that she was experiencing I was overwhelmed and in awe of her strength and resolve. She was absolutely amazing to me. Even though she was skeptical and her “realist” mind would question all along the way she kept coming. She committed to being at The Space and doing her own personal work, all along the way preparing herself for the ultimate transition…death. We would have beautiful sessions together and she would experience wonderful breakthroughs in classes and I would feel that she was healing. This is not something that I would share as it wasn’t my journey or my place but it was becoming clear that she was getting better. I will never forget one day after I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks, she walked in the door and I gasped. She looked stunning. There was a light in her eyes and a glow all around her. She was simply beaming with love. For me I was witnessing a miracle. From the woman that had first walked through my door to the beautiful being of light that I was witnessing was miraculous to me. It was overwhelming and quite emotional. At the time which was a few months ago now, she wouldn’t have told you she was healed. She would just say that she felt amazing and didn’t feel sick. She would struggle occasionally with her own journey and her belief about what was happening. Those struggles always came when she had to visit her oncologist and they would insist that she was going to get sick again if she didn’t take the medications that they were certain she needed. She stayed strong though, she listened to the guidance from within and even in the face of intense pressure to take the medicine or more than likely die, she did not. She would not. This strength was something incredible to witness and it has been one of my greatest and most humbling experiences to walk this journey with her. I share her story because it is the story of YES. It is the story of learning to listen to the guidance within, surrendering it all and trusting that no matter what happens…even death of this body…there is a greater power that we can turn to and put all of our faith into. It is when we turn within that we find the strength and the love to carry us through the most difficult of times. As I sat with her this week and she shared the news from her new oncologist (the one that understands her and supports her fully) I was moved in a profound way as she shared that she is completely free of cancer. Her doctor told her she is the most well person he has as a patient and to let go of the worry of cancer and to live her life. I have believed in this work for a long time, however it has taken on a completely new face of belief for me as I witness not only this story but so many stories now of those that say YES to their practice and do the work that is necessary to truly HEAL. Each day is a new opportunity for each one of us to remember that we hold within us the wisdom and the power to heal. Her path is not the path for everyone and her choices are not the choices for everyone. Never once did any of us guide or direct her in those choices, she went to the Source. That is the answer for all of us. We can accept guidance from those that we feel connected with and we can see within others the light that we want in our own lives. However, no one else can do the work for us and no one else can remember for us. We have to remember for ourselves and we have to do the work for ourselves. The beauty and perfection in it all is that we don’t have to do it alone and there are others that will understand and will hold space for us during our journey. This is being human and through all of the pain and suffering it is through the stories of others that we will find a strength and resolve for ourselves. It is my prayer that you experience the bliss and love of connection with Divine Presence. It is through your own experience that you will be forever changed and you will come to know who you really are. Rest in the beautiful energy of this season and remember the light that is within. There is always a place for YOU here

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