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A Yung Pueblo Poem on Balance and The Elements

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

We share this poem with you from Yung Pueblo's book of poetry Clarity and Connection.

May it cultivate balance in your body and spirit, as it connects us to the elements.

practice the strengths of earth

have a giving nature

be grounded in your purpose

hold firm in times of turbulence

cultivate the qualities of water

move through life with gentleness

have access to your power at all times

flexibility and persistence increase success

embody the teachings of fire

transmute what you experience into light

be strong enough to have clear boundaries

have an awareness of when you need more fuel

internalize the values of air

release your expectations

embrace the constant movement of change

seeing is not everything; feeling is essential


Shared by Kelsy Martinez. Kelsey was introduced to yoga by her father at just fourteen years old. Her practice has grown and deepened since that time. She now teaches others with a focus on providing a space for students to feel safe to move their bodies and explore their innate spirituality. Kelsy’s joyful and invigorating Healing Flow classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00pm.

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