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All is Well

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Write…I just hear write. I’m not sure what is to be said at this point. The feeling that I sit within says it all. The connection I feel with all that is…I’m not sure words can come close to giving justice to the experience of Oneness that overwhelms my senses. The gratitude that fills my heart until it feels as though it may burst at the perfection of all things. The sense of knowing that fills up every cell. Every pulse, every vibration having such purpose. I am overcome by the peace of All is Well. My mantra. My gift from the Divine. A real understanding…the deep, abiding knowledge that all is well. Just trust. Just surrender. It sounds so simple now as it flows from my fingertips, but the journey is too fresh for me not to have a small smile tug at my lips from the understanding that while it seems so easy in its simplest form, it is quite the opposite on this earthly plane. Just trust…just surrender. The phrases thrown around so frequently, but the real essence of what that means and entails grossly misunderstood. It is in this trust and surrender however where freedom lies. Freedom from all things. Freedom from judgment, anger, fear, suffering. All of it.

As I drift back into vast spaciousness, light and calm the All That Is holds me, guides me, loves me. The “real world” things simply taken care of without any worry at all on my part. Trust in it all…surrender it all. The way. Sit in silence and breathe. Let go. Drift back. Be held. All is well my dear ones. There is no need to worry or try to figure any of it out, learn to be still and listen to the truth that resides in your heart.

This feeling of complete transparency, complete authenticity in my own journey terrifies my ego. Who do I think I am? I am awakening to who I am which is why I have to be completely open at this point. I release fear into the ethers. I listen, I trust, I surrender to what is. Give it a try my friends…there is a deep feeling of peace within my heart however within my solar plexus there is a flittering of fear & panic. As I breath deeply the feeling of peace from my heart envelopes and draws in the feeling in the my gut. The feeling of peace overtakes all other feelings in the body through the breath.

We are all being called to wake up. We are being called into something much greater than we could imagine. Trust. Surrender. All is well.

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