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April Full Moon Reading

On April 5th, 2023, we have a Full Moon in Libra also called The Pink Moon, the first full moon of the spring season. The Pink Moon’s spiritual meaning comes from Native American folklore. It symbolizes newness, freshness, and letting go of the old. Libra is a sign associated with our relationships and how we interact within them. It is also connected to justice, fairness, and the needs and well-being of others. Libra brings the element of air to this moon. Reminding us that how we communicate in verbalizing and expressing our needs is important, and how we can find a middle ground in achieving them within all partnerships. Air moves quickly and allows us to connect with ourselves, our thoughts, our energies, and others. Air brings with it messages. Being we are in Aries season with the Sun opposite the moon we are encouraged to feel where others fit into our journey and how we can form partnerships that support and nourish the life path of everyone involved. This Full Moon is the perfect time to review your relationships and decide if they are limiting or supporting you, to release outgrown patterns or relationships, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and to be honest about what needs you have, that perhaps are not being met. Full Moons give us the opportunity for reflecting and releasing what no longer is in alignment in our lives. The moon will be opposite Chiron (The Wounded Healer) which could reveal our triggers, our wounds, and where we feel equate. What old stories are triggered continually and interfere with your capacity for love and connection? There may be a need to share your vulnerabilities with other people in order to foster deeper connections. Chiron offers us a beautiful opportunity for deep healing. In combination with Chiron, are Jupiter and the Sun in Aries, this vibration offers you to lean into the connection and wisdom with your heart and how to use it to heal. The Aries-Libra polarity is about relationships, where Aries represents “self,” and Libra represents “other.” With the Libra Moon, we’re especially aware of all that’s involved with maintaining our relationships — compromising, negotiating, and balancing. We are asked to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of others. Venus the ruler of this full moon is lovely placed in her home sign of Taurus, indicating that any negotiations happening during this time will have the potential for increased stability and be lasting. If you feel like some old relationships wounds come to the surface with this moon, know that this is a time to shine a light on them. Venus is working with Pluto to help bring our pain out of the darkness and to finally get the attention for transformation. Jupiter is also strongly connected to this Full Moon, which can be beneficial when it comes to this type of work. Jupiter is the great expander. It magnifies what needs our attention so we can take action once and for all. This moon calls for change and liberation that will cause more inner peace. We’ll likely experience revelations about our independence and the need for partnerships. As we continue to move through 2023, this theme of individualization vs. relations will be a big focus as we move into Eclipse Season. Dig deep into this full moon and find the places that need healing. See how the unhealed parts of you have affected your relationships. Embrace what hurts and remember that no one else has the power or responsibility to heal them but you. You are capable of connecting to your worth and transforming your pain into power. Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Rachelle offers Alchemy Soul Readings by Zoom. For more information visit

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