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Ask Yourself This Question

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Fear or Love? Ask yourself each day this simple question. Am I responding from a place of fear or am I responding from a place of love? Allow this simple awareness to be a guiding light for you in your everyday. In a world where fear is the overwhelming power being used to dictate our lives this question is a powerful and necessary practice. Fear of the unknown, fear of missing out, fear of other people, fear of death. You don’t have to look far to feel the vast reaches and powerful grasp that fear has over us as a collective. It takes a strong and resilient heart to overcome and rise above this powerful force, it is however absolutely possible and frankly totally necessary for us to breakthrough and break free.

We all have it within us to rise above this fear and to live from a place of love. A place that guides us from a deep knowing that everything that happens in our lives is ultimately happening for our own growth as spiritual beings. All challenges and people are brought into our awareness to assist us in choosing love over fear. Fear keeps us bound, keeps us anxious, keeps us guessing and allows us to be controlled. Love provides stability, faith, understanding, guidance and freedom.

Pull away from sources of fear. Pull away from people and sources of information that fill you with feelings of doubt and anxiety. Look towards others that are filled with light and love. They are out there. It may be difficult to find sometimes but the light and the love is there and it speaks to you clearly and confidently. It calls to your own knowing and wisdom that resides within your own heart. It sparks a recognition of connection. It is palpable within. You know the difference. You feel it on the cellular level. You are able to grow this sense each time that you practice creating stillness and quiet for yourself. The still, quiet place within you beckons to be heard and followed. Your internal guidance system stands at attention and becomes louder and more available to you. The forces of fear have less impact upon you and you are able to discern truth from lies, light from darkness and fear from love.

Within you there is a strength, a knowing, a connection to the Divine Presence that will guide you all the days of your life. You hold that power within, you only require others to hold space for you and to see you for who you really are. A beautiful being of Light and Love working and practicing each day to remember that truth for yourself. Look to others that have found that light within and you will see that light within yourself. Take everything that you hear and see deep down into your own heart and ask “is this true”. Pause, breathe, surrender into the great unseen and trust your own truth. This is the great awakening for us all. Learning to live and respond from the place of love that resides within. You must remove yourself from the trappings of fear that run rampant in our world and turn within to the love that is begging to be seen, felt and awakened.

I see you, I feel your pain and I know how difficult the journey is. I have walked it and I continue to walk it with you. I am always reminded of the great Ram Dass sharing this beautiful truth…“I can do nothing for you but work on can do nothing for me but work on yourself!”

There is always a place for YOU here when you are in need, the real work however is within

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