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Begin Again

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

So we begin again. After a small hiatus called summer I find myself distanced from the truth in my mind and my body. However as I even write the words, I know the truth. My heart can never be distanced from source, from divinity. Every beat is a declaration of unity. In the simplicity of a few deep breaths I feel once again filled up with love, connection, wisdom. When I offer up space it is immediately filled with all that is. I immediately dwell in the place where all things exist…Now.

In the silent dwelling of my heart center I experience it all. Peace, connection, love, knowledge. I can gaze upon the little girl that has the body and face of a mature woman with love and understanding . To fall back to sleep for however long is simply part of the journey in this world. The energetic pull of this planet is down, towards the core. To keep the mind and the body bathed in the light takes focus and effort. To rise above the pull down takes an inner strength and determination.

How beautifully simple it is to find myself awakening once again. There is a series of awakening as I have heard many times. I now understand those words through experience. It isn’t one event that leaves YOU awakened. I know I cannot speak for everyone, I can only speak upon my own experiences. I presume for some it is different as we are all so different in our experiences and our paths. Yet I can only see the perfection in it all. In the asleepness, the apparent disconnection, I am given the opportunity to see and feel the opposite of what is true. The polar opposites of feeling and thinking have such beautiful purpose in my life. How could I possibly understand fully if I didn’t have this experience. The opportunities are boundless.

I declare once more…I Trust…I Surrender…I allow all that arises in my field of consciousness to rise up and I accept with open arms the value and the lessons that reside in all of it. I believe in the perfection of this Universe wholly and completely. As I consciously step back into this place of practice and attuned awareness of presence and grace I allow what will be to be. I move in accordance and harmony with Spirit. I trust in the Divine timing of ALL things. I understand and declare that it is not necessary for me to try and make anything happen. My job is to simply make space in my body and in my mind. That space is what allows for my heart to operate in a place of total freedom. The promise has not changed…my mind changed. God never changes. The promise of peace, joy, abundance and boundless love never changes.

Thank you. I love you.

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