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Being earthly

The last few months I have been nesting, something that is new for me and at my age! I now realize there is no age limit, it is steeped in the feminine.

The energy of the universe is affecting us all, and I am sensitive to subtle changes in vibrations. As we are collectively "coming together" my sensitivities have increased.

Today in my meditation I asked my heart what it needed. My heart spoke, "more presence, less past". I nodded, as it was so right. I have been working on letting go of old stories and moving into being open hearted and less guarded. Being empathic I am learning to trust what I know and use my tools diligently. I am in a time of self-care. I am not just talking about it, you know the words, I really need to take care of myself! I am doing it!! Supporting my physical commitment through daily exercise and quiet time breathing. an important component to be active and consciously choosing situations that reflect what is right for me.

As fall approached in September, I felt the need to clean house as my husband and I repainted the interior and shifted all the energy in our home. More nesting, as I looked around it became a domino effect, everything inside needed cleaning, a wonderful metaphor for what was changing inside me!

Years ago, my husband built me an above ground garden that I had not used. I decided to plant herbs. It finally felt "right" to plant, the perfect timing for me. I knew I was ready. Digging in the soil, sharing my Reiki with the earth and my plants has been so healing and peaceful. The weather has been perfect yet I still feel the call of the womb, moving into the cave, like the bear, going deep into the heart of the matter and work with the old heartache that needs a voice, a cry, or a way to be honored. I recorded a meditation I found on cocooning into the Earth. As I began to record, my spirit took over and changed the meditation through my own expression and creativity and need. A soulful way of feeling safe and nurtured by the medicine of the Earth.

From fall through winter, we will be in the Yin/ Feminine energy. A great opportunity to unearth and "empty" out. A time of reconciliation and honesty about oneself and what is authentic in your choices. A discovery of a limitless energy we all have the power to access.

I encourage you to take the journey, you know, the one inside. Discovering how to love yourself is the journey of the heart and of a lifetime.

Here is the link to the meditation I recorded. Bless you on your journey of discovery!

Listen to Earth meditation.m4a by joeydancinglight on


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