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Beyond Gratitude

As we begin to move from Summer to Fall, there is a great emphasis on Gratitude wherever you turn. With Thanksgiving heading our way and all the holidays, it truly becomes a big focus. For many Gratitude is a daily practice or monthly part of their rituals. I would like to offer a companion or an additional compliment to your own practice, adding an action which is Seva.

Seva is a Sanskrit word often associated with an element of Yoga meaning "service." However, it is much more than a simple desire to help others, It can be as easy as an act of showing compassion for others or a genuine act to bring happiness to those around you. Of course, there is always room to dig deep and volunteer in a big way too.

What I am offering for you to explore, for at least the next 30 days (and/or beyond, if it feels right), in the morning, when you wake up and before your feet hit the floor, ask yourself, "How can I be of service today?" It may be as easy as asking your partner, "How can I make your day run soother" or calling someone that you have been too busy to reach out to, leaving a note of encouragement in your child's packed lunch, or taking in your neighbor's trash can from the curb. I am sure you are seeing where I am going with this. It is the little things that mean a lot with the intention of Seva. Going beyond Gratitude.

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