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December's Astrology Forecast

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

December 2022 Astrology Forecast

Welcome to December, another year has come and gone. 2022 has been a year with lots of changes and revelations and now we are being given a chance to embark on a new era and build a newfound destiny for ourselves, and the world around us. December starts off feeling busy with some bold cosmic energies with a fiery Gemini Full Moon on December 7th. The energy may feel chaotic and uneasy like we are doing a lot, but yet nothing is really getting done. Towards the end of the month, things start to come more into focus with The Super New Moon in Capricorn and we start to slow down due to the final full month of Mars being retrograde and the arrival of yet another Mercury retrograde cycle on December 29th. We can use this time as we end 2022 to truly reflect on where we have been and what matters most to us.

We start off the month with Neptune stationing direct in Pisces on December 3rd. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and transcendence—helping us to connect and transcend the physical world and open up to something spiritual. It's the planet of illusion, creativity, higher dreams, and unconditional love. When it stations direct, we may feel this bigger connection with our intuition and a new level of trust in ourselves. We may feel a deeper spiritual connection or a renewed discovery of inspiration. Neptune can sometimes create fog, but as it emerges from retrograde, the fog can clear, allowing us to see things with new clarity.

On December 7th we have a Full Moon in Gemini at 16 degrees. Full Moons bring culminations, turning points, and important news to our lives. Being that it is in the sign of Gemini topics will be around communication, stimulation, and adventure. This moon will be intense and fiery being aligned with Mars retrograde. This Moon puts a spotlight on any issues that may have come up with Mars in retrograde. Mars rx can be a trigger to our fears and where we are holding on to heated emotions. Words will be important as we may notice hot-button themes come up, so be careful and precise with what you say and how you say it. We may also feel pulled in many different directions all at once. Mercury being the ruler of this moon will be our saving grace having just moved into Capricorn. Mercury will help to sort things out with any drama this Full Moon may bring. The Full Moon and Mars Retrograde can also influence our energy levels, making us feel extra tired or lethargic. The next day after this lunation, the Sun in Sagittarius will be opposite Mars RX in Gemini signaling we are halfway through Mars's retrograde indicating a turning point but preceded with caution, the energy has some tension, especially in partnerships.

One of the biggest cosmic shifts this month will be Jupiter entering into Aries on Dec. 20th till May 2023. This is ushering in bold, fresh energy that will inspire new beginnings, a strong independent spirit, and a boost of fearlessness. We will begin to feel our own inner warrior expand, helping us to find our confidence, boost our motivation, and take a stand for ourselves. Look to see where you have Aries and Sagittarius in your natal chart because this is where things are going to start moving quickly with growth, benefits, blessings, and expansion! Give this part of your life lots of attention over the next 5 months because it's filled with opportunities.

We also move into Capricorn Season this month and the Winter Solstice on December 21st. The Solstice is a celebration of the light and dark that lives within. A turning within for reflection over the previous six months and where you want to head for the next three to six months. It is a sacred day, so use it as your marker to bring yourself into alignment. As the sun shifts into Capricorn, this will bring in the energy focus to practical matters, resourcefulness, long-term goals, and ambition. With this energy, you might find yourself being more cautious and playing it safe, but knowing what you want.

Towards the end of the month have a Super New Moon in Capricorn at 1 degree. We are shifting into building what we envisioned in Sagittarius Season. Looking at future goals and what it takes to get there. This energy is speaking to big, expansive beginnings where there will be growth, hopeful possibilities, and wanting to take a leap of faith. Being Ruled by Saturn we are ready to do the hard work and take on anything that gets in our way of achieving our goals. Chiron known as the wounded healer will be stationing direct on the same day as this New Moon, helping us to feel a greater acceptance of ourselves, to have a clearer vision of our self-worth, and the courage to tap into our inner warrior.

December is looking to carry with it two different astrological tones, the start of the month feeling busy and scattered and the second half of the month becoming calmer with a greater sense of focus. The end of December and moving into January are ripe for bold choices and exciting new beginnings.


December 1st: Venus in Sagittarius Sextile Saturn in Aquarius

December 3rd: Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces

December 6th: Mercury Enters Capricorn

December 7th: Full Moon in Gemini at 16 degrees

December 8th: Sun In Sagittarius Opposite Mars RX in Gemini

December 9th: Venus Enters Capricorn

December 20th: Jupiter Enters Aries

December 21st: Sun enters Capricorn + Winter Solstice

December 23rd: Capricorn Super New Moon + Chiron Stations Direct

December 29th: Mercury Stations Retrograde in Capricorn

Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Interested in scheduling a private Astrology reading with Rachelle? You can find more about her offerings on our Wellness page of our website.

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