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Decluttering Your Life

Updated: Mar 18

Decluttering Your Life = Get More Energy

For the month of March, show love in your Home Environment. Because everything is energy, only keep what is useful to you now and make space for the next season. Three tips to implement:

1. The Door Tax

Place an empty moving box or tote or large garbage bag near your door to collect items bound for donation, Every time you leave your house this month, place one item in the box.

2. Cold Cut

Open your refrigerator. Spend five minutes disposing of week-old takeout containers, expired condiments, and smelly items. Doing this the night before garbage day is helpful. Get in the habit of doing this weekly.

3. If the Shoe Sits

Gather your family’s worn-out sneakers and drop them off at the Nike Store (Tangar Outlet or Westgate, Glendale, AZ). They will be shredded and turned into playground surfaces and turf fields. Google local recycling businesses in your area that will receive worn-out sneakers.

Just these three steps will make room for the next season.

Kim Kemsley

Shared by Kim Kemsley. Kim loves to share her knowledge of nutrition, wellness and yoga. Join her in Restorative Yoga at The Space Wednesday evenings.

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