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What's the Difference Between Essential Oils and Hydrosols?

What are hydrosols?

Also known as Floral Waters or Hydrolats.

Some experts like herbalist Jeanne Rose, consider hydrosols to be the homeopathy of the distillation process. Gentle in nature, a hydrosol is the water aspect of the plant distillate produced during the distillation process. Typically essential oils tend to be the more sought after product of distillation, but this may be due largely in part to the fact that few people truly understand the healing potential in this water elixir.

The distillation process produces a significant amount of therapeutic hydrosol compared to the concentrated essential oils. This allows us to have many of the healing gifts of the plant without being wasteful or using unnecessarily high dosage applications sometimes found in a single drop of essential oil.

General application ideas:

Facial Toner, Body Spray, Makeup remover, Diffusion, Steams, Compresses, Baby Care, Wet Wipes, Room Sprays, Linen and clothing sprays.

One of my favorite selections Zona’s Oils French Rose Hydrosol for Diffusion and as a facial toner. Rose Hydrosol revitalizes skin, restores energy, alertness and mental clarity, over-all stimulating tonic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, balances the nervous system.

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