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Discover your inner shaman!

As we search what will deepen new awareness, the objective is to move inward, to remember the power of our ancestors and our unity. Every person belongs, and we are each born with guidance in place, guardian angels, spirit guides in many forms. It is up to the individual to decide to discover who they are and explore through the invisible world that bind all life. Shamans explore these worlds. They learn to step into what is referred to as non-ordinary reality to find and meet with spiritual guides. The objective is to form partnerships to help heal and create balance for them self, the community and the world.

The Earth is calling us back to her and it is up to us to awaken to the power she offers us.

A Shaman recognizes and utilizes her powers. Through the relationship he/she has built with a spiritual team, they help create a formula for healing. . They understand the earth’s is alive with medicine and use these tools, to "correct" a mis-alignment of energy. Medicine is anything that brings understanding, information and a deeper awareness stored within.

Awakening your inner shaman is a calling; it is deep in the cells of the body and soul. Shamans are often born out of personal suffering, as it is something that is birthed into existence.

The secret to spiritual connection is the partnerships we develop in all planes of existence. To be part of the collective voice, one takes a chance on letting go of the idea of “separateness”, trusting the work we do is a tandem act, proving the qualities of a Shaman.

Shamans spend their life giving voice and purpose to the partnership they developed, to bring healing to all living things and work in union with the Creator of all life.

In everything there are levels, you can dabble, you can treat, you can practice the use of shamanic tools or you can go the distance and immerse yourself in the work, how far is a choice.

Deep within you lies the power of healing, we are each born with these powers, to activate, cultivate and use this power evolves your spirit and supports all life. Stepping into the power gives voice to your spiritual partnerships, your ancestors and fills your world and your heart with knowledge, tools and stories of long ago, and stories yet to be told. Take a journey, you may surprise yourself when the power of your truth rises up to meet the world you have created!

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