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Divine Spirit Message

This message was given to me to assist with my own deeper understanding of habitual thought patterns & emotions. It was recorded through voice so please excuse any grammatical errors as this was free-flowing download from my own connection to Divine Spirit while I was driving. As always it is my prayer that in some way it touches you and assists in your journey.

Much love!


We build these habitual patterns, these feelings, these emotions. Many times from when we are very young and our mind is constantly searching for ways to be in comfort with those habitual patterns, those habitual feelings those habitual emotions. The mind will seek out circumstances and people that will help us to feel comfortable in these habitual ways of being. The operation of the mind bringing us back to safety and if we build up within a belief and a feeling, a feeling that we are safe when we are in chaos when we are in confusion when we are in fear when we are in anger, then that's what the mind will continually seek out.

Like attracts like it's a vibration. energetic vibration of the habitual pattern continues to draw us back towards thought patterns, people, circumstances, beliefs, stories that keep us in a place of the known it isn't until we make a conscious decision to step into the unknown into the uncomfortable to interrupt those patterns, those habits that something begins to awaken within us. And we start to see something different start to feel something different start to experience something different and it creates and causes a lot of turmoil within and we go through a time in our journey where we might feel like we are truly losing ourselves ...losing our minds. But that's what we have to do.

We have to lose ourselves. We have to lose our minds. We have to break free we have to break out we have to remember and the more that we interrupt and change the habits and the patterns, the more space that we create for us to hear and see and feel and experience a different way. And it starts out feeling very strange, very weird. And again, we may question ourselves and doubt and feel like we might be going a little crazy. And then the universe is so kind and brings us people and shows us others experiences, stories, deep wisdoms that have been with us for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years that helped to strengthen this new way of being and seeing and we are blessed with again, like attracting like and as we shift our energy to this higher vibration of being and sensing and knowing more and more is attracted to us to support this new way and you always know that you are on; for lack of a better term the right path by the way that it feels inside. This deep feeling will be expanded within and sometimes you have to break through the initial layers of contraction which are fear.

But as you do that more and more and more. This deeper sense of understanding and knowing continues to blossom, and it's this feeling within that starts to show you truth that starts to expand you in a completely new way of knowing and as you experience that more and more, it can never be taken away because it is part of you; it comes from you. So there is no doubt; the mind will doubt the mind will question the mind will want to latch back on to fear, but the heart knows.

And the more and the more and the more that you expand into the heart space. More into faith, this deep, deep faith and absolute trust begins to just take over until the fear and the doubt are like wisps of energy that in most cases feel as though they can just be blown away in the wind sometimes they will get heavy and sometimes they will feel as though they are much bigger than what they are. But your deeper knowing and your deeper understanding. overcomes that feeling. More and more quickly and more and more easily and more and more effortlessly. Until the majority of your time. Your mind and your heart are aligned as one in this place of surrender and trust and love.

It gets more and more difficult for this world's beliefs, patterns. truths to invade at all. And then you really start to question your own sanity. Because you become something so different than what is considered normal. And once again the universe blesses you with expanded knowing and expanded views, thoughts, ideas and people and different people start to come into your field of awareness. And again, you may be challenged. And at that moment of challenge, you know that it's time for expansion.

At the moments when you are feeling confusion and fear and doubt again you can trust fully that it is time for expansion because you have developed such a deep faith in this loving universe that is guiding you that you know that everything that is coming into your field of awareness is there to serve you. So once again, you work with the mind and you work with the emotions and you fall deeper into a place of surrender and once again you have to let go of who you think you are and what you think you know. And it is this beautiful dance of transformation, expansion. Contraction expansion contraction, that is the dance of life. The dance of humaneness, the dance of remembering the dance of being.

and as we can let go of our expectations let go of what we think we need to have or to know and we just let go more and more and more and more. We are filled up. We are shown an even different way of being held and being guided and being supported. We are shown even more our own power and possibility

and we step even more fully and confidently into oneness with the Creator the ALL THAT IS

and we continue to grow and we move through struggles and we once again visit our humble heart and reveal revisit and reclaim surrender

So Be It

Shared by Treasure Milinovich. Treasure is the much loved founder of The Space. As a compassionate Spiritual Guide, she utilizes hands on energetic techniques, guided meditation, sound therapy and intuitive guidance to create space for others to awaken. There are many opportunities at The Space to join Treasure and benefit from her gentle guidance in intimate small group sessions or larger community sessions.

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