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doing nothing…

Updated: May 3, 2021

As I walk through life I realize how incredibly blessed and gifted I am with the lessons the universe is mirroring throughout my life. I am discovering and uncovering the mystery of my own soul, as I want to remember why I came here. There are no guarantees in life, only choices you make along the way.

I have struggled for understanding, healing and forgiveness. I have experienced the pain of loss in order discover the truth inside me. For me, the most difficult thing I have done is nothing. My mind over and over wants to fix it, make it right, and my heart says wait, do nothing.

Doing nothing in society says something.  How well do I honor my sacred self and the next steps?

I work hard, endure the lessons, stick with the pain, do nothing except feel, that became the portal of release, a chance to become something not  yet imagined. Faith helped me discover something unique and precious inside, which  is the goal of all souls.

As I uncover the fear, I discover the very thing that is hidden, the light within. The light we all share.

Life can be bittersweet, we give something up, in order to make room for new. New could mean anything, it is a risk to grow.  One can go willingly or through circumstance.  The pain of loss can overshadow the gift of opportunity, faith carries you, until I found the moment and stopped living behind and was able to look forward.

We have all had unexpected challenges  and you rose up to meet it, worked it over until you realized you always knew what to do.

As I write this I think what would I do if…And then I am reminded not to make plans, model knowing,  trust and have faith in the gifts the Creator has given me, stay strong and follow my heart, no matter what.

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