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It's Eclipse Season!

Eclipses often correlate to “threshold moments” in your life - they are game changers because they have a well-deserved reputation for coinciding with events that change one's life on a dime. They can cause a crisis miracle but either way, we don't see it coming because of their very unpredictable nature. They usher in change for radical rebirth that requires a death, releasing what you’ve outgrown to clear space for the new. If we have strayed too far off our soul's path and purpose, eclipses will bring in events that will steer us back to where we are meant to be.

The first eclipse, on April 20th, will be a Solar Eclipse in Aries - an extra-powerful new moon. This eclipse invites a powerful seed-planting for a new life direction that will develop over the next 18 years. In Aries, the focus is on rebirthing your passion, life force, and courage to be your true self over the next six months.

Something new is beginning in a larger, more profound way. A whole new chapter in your life is starting with this Solar Eclipse. This is a time when we see glimpses of our own shadows. Our culture tells us to run away from pain, to keep any unpleasant aspects of ourselves hidden in the shadows. To medicate and numb the discomfort of being a sensitive human in a harsh world.

But what if our greatest gifts lie in the shadows? What if, by dancing with our shadows, we could uncover our magic, gifts, and powers, the medicine we need to navigate these dark times and co-create the New Earth?

Eclipse Season is a powerful time when we will be forced to let go of old patterns and habits that no longer serve our journey. This is where we turn the page and begin a new story for our soul's evolution over this next 2-year cycle. During this time we move more in deeper alignment with our soul, and our true self spends

more time in the forefront for more enlightenment.

No one promised that this journey or the enlightenment would be easy, and that is why eclipses can reveal things that we don't want to confront or see. Having conscious navigation of eclipse season is meeting these harder or disruptive experiences with radical acceptance and compassion - brings the gifts of growth, healing, spiritual wisdom, and renewed vitality. If you could use some guidance for navigating this energy of this transformational moment, book a reading and let me be your guide:

I would love to support you.

Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Rachelle offers Alchemy Soul Readings by Zoom. For more information visit

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