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Essential Oils in Modern Times

Essential oils are utilized by a wide range of industries, including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, flavoring and perfume industries.

This would lead one to wonder, are the essential oils used in all the above industries the same essential oils we use in aromatherapy? Most of the industries listed above are not necessarily concerned with the purity and wholeness of the essential oil, and in fact many will have fragrance oils made in a lab to maintain consistency in aroma or to reduce the cost of marketing a product. For genuine aromatherapy and effective applications, the purity and wholeness of the essential oil cannot be understated.

Genuine and authentic essential oils from plants are a necessary condition of holistic aromatherapy. They are fundamentally different from the industrial, semi-natural oils which are commonly offered on the market. As semi-natural synthetic oils are materially different from authentic oils it is logical that their physiological effect is also different. Most importantly, authentic oils are much less allergenic and irritant than their industrial counterparts.

Words by Schnaubelt

Shared by Pamela Schenk. Pamela is a highly respected, certified aromatherapist from Zona’s Oils with over 14 years of experience. She specializes in providing pain relieving blends, natural skin botanicals and supportive care for cancer treatment. Aromatherapy is a highly resourceful tool that can be a wonderful part of your daily life and Pamela embraces the expansion of knowledge about the benefits of this emerging practice on body, mind and spirit.

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