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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The blessing of a community cannot be understated. Having the opportunity to share space with like-hearted people and simply be in a loving space where we feel safe to be authentic and vulnerable is rare. As I witness more and more people that find our intimate little space and truly feel the heart of this place I come to understand the importance of community. While the journey of healing and awakening is deeply personal and at times very lonely you don’t have to be alone.

I have had several communities along the way that supported me and helped to guide me however I have the sense of this incredibly unique quality that The Space provides. It is different in some way. I don’t fully understand it and I don’t try. The Space itself is alive with an energy of love that was there the first time that I walked through the door of the personal healing room. Of course along the way I have had messages that it is sacred land and I have even experienced the sense of a portal within our Space. This feels right for me however I guess I will never truly “know” what makes a space unique and special, that can only be felt. I do know that the people that are drawn to the space amplify what is already there and every time that a new kindred soul (thank you Adrienne) walks through the door and truly feels the space I am completely humbled by the beauty and perfection of this Divine Universe.

I often say that I live in my own little bubble and that I love my bubble, some may say that I am burying my head in the sand, which isn’t accurate as I do have awareness of what is happening in the world. I simply choose to mostly stay in my own bubble of awareness and create my own reality. This works for me and I am able to maintain a sense of connection, contentment and loving awareness. The Space is my bubble and when I see others making The Space their bubble if even for just a couple hours a week I know that Spirit is working there every moment of every day. In a world that may feel lost, angry, sad and at times brutal it is imperative to have a place of refuge, peace and love. I have come to understand through my own personal work and practice that the place of refuge, peace and love is within; however during our journey of remembering we require places that serve to support us. So whether it be within the beauty of a church or synagogue, the expansiveness of nature, the comfort of your own home or our loving little community be sure to serve your Spirit with SPACE to be authentic and vulnerable and dive deeper into the truth of who you are; the journey may be painful at times and you may feel lonely however you are NEVER alone and regardless of where you find yourself may you always KNOW that there are others that understand and are holding space for you and with you. We will continue to serve in all the ways we feel called and BE HERE

There is always a place for YOU here 💜

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