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February Full Moon Reading

The Full Moon in Leo at 16 degrees on February 5th is fiery and we can expect some surprises to pop up around this time as well. Any time we have a full moon in a fire sign it can feel or seem dramatic, dynamic, and with lots of energy. February starts with pivotal moments that could irritate or motivate you into motion leading up to this Full Moon because Uranus, the disruptor of the zodiac, with be squaring the Sun in Aquarius on Feb. 3rd, and then two days later on the full moon.

This energy calls for breaking up with outdated ways of being. It's about using self-awareness and flexibility to adapt to unexpected change. Change can feel disruptive; it can cause us to pivot in a new direction and lean into doing things differently, more honestly, and authentically. Uranus is the awakener, stirring up chaos to invoke change. Uranus liberates the emotional Moon and asks us to see the deepest things within, that are ready to be released.

There may be radical realizations that get illuminated about your patterns, behaviors, or the ego that is keeping you stuck, and now you feel an urge for freedom and liberation to free yourself. This energy could feel exciting, but a little extra chaotic. This is the Full Moon where we get in the balance between focusing on what serves you as an individual, and how you are to serve others.

Leo is often associated with being the center of attention, ego, and pride. Leo energy is all about how we express who we are, and how we shine in the world. This moon wants to ignite your passions and creative side, reminding you of what lights you up and encouraging confidence to be your unique self and to keep pushing forward. This lunation is the continuation of how it is time to put ourselves out there, to show up, and to stand up with pride in who we really are. There may have been times in your life when you kept yourself small or hidden because you wanted to fit in or because you didn't trust your self-expression. This moon is wanted to illuminate that story in you. We have an opportunity with this energy to shift our awareness, in how we show up, how we self-express, and how we say this is "who I am". What would you gain or lose if you were more honest with yourself? It's a risk, but this is what you signed up for, it's part of your purpose, to evolve and be the highest expression of who you were meant to be. And, not conform to any other establishment or person's way of being. It's about knowing who you truly are, what it is you and only you bring, and then bringing it in such a way that serves humanity.

For most of my life I hid my love for astrology. Only my family and very close friends knew my obsession with the cosmos. I just wanted to fit in and be normal. I didn't want to be looked at as weird or strange. Astrology was not as popular and accepted as it is today. I finally had to admit that being an astrologer was my calling and what I was meant to be. Once I declared that, my whole world started to change and become more aligned with my spirit. Sure, more things were at play but taking that first step was huge, and that's what this full moon is about. To find your way to shine authentically in the world and glow in your light.

Uranus our planet of progress, liberation, and rebellion is squaring this moon and is causing this disrupting energy by shaking things up, wanting to break you free from old patterns and tendencies. Helping you to overcome limitations from the past, and breaking with tradition. There is something special about this full moon; it is connected with the nodes of destiny. It's here to mark something or teach us something. What shifts or awakenings are you experiencing? Don't judge it. Shifts can be as simple as a new idea that comes through for helping you with a current situation or a bigger inner psychological transformation. It's all magic and beautiful. This is a turning point, something could feel fated, something connected to your last eclipse story or the next eclipse. Aquarius Season forms the bridge between the eclipses of October-November 2022 and April-May 2023.

Lastly, Venus in Pisces and Mars in Gemini square off with each other during this full moon. Things may come to a head with the need to make some choices and find ways to express yourself, especially in relationships around disagreements, differences in opinions, and having different priorities. Since both of these planets are in mutable signs and Venus in Pisces (exalted), it could feel adaptable, finding adjustments that are needed to smooth things over.

The energy from this full moon will help you follow your truth, embrace change, and transform into a brighter, more authentic you. Connect with your heart center and see it wide-open, radiating infinite love- energy that expands out into the universe, opening up all possibilities. In true Leo fashion, always follow the heart.

Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Rachelle offers Alchemy Soul Readings by Zoom. For more information visit

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