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Updated: Mar 28

What the soul longs for us to become aware of is the freedom we already embody within us.

The perspective of soul, when we are aligned with it is freedom. Love is freedom. It knows no boundaries. It can not be contained.

In any circumstance where we feel like a slave to anything…….. we are not seeing through the eyes of truth , through the eyes of our spirit.

Wherever we are stuck ……… our soul is urging us towards the freedom of peace within the constriction. Our soul and spirit are very solution oriented but in an easy, intuitive way.

Our soul knows we are limitlessly abundant and full of all possibilities. If we can take a deep breath and know this is true …………. We are inviting the small opening into the vast intelligence of God, consciousness, love.

The answer or FREEDOM is actually WITHIN the very uncomfortable place: If we get curious and allow that higher intelligence to loosen out knots …….. we begin to find the freedom that ALREADY EXISTS!!!

It’s all just a perspective shift! When we heal…… we let go…. We open …….. we have a perspective shift …….. of what’s really real.

What's really real is that we are free.

Shared by Terese Shanley. Terese is an RN, BSN with a long life of wellness and healing. However, it was not until the year 2000 that her spiritual unfolding began, emerging from her own personal journey.  She began teaching yoga and meditation in 2005 and then immersed herself into a myriad of training to help people heal from the inside out, using Energy Medicine, Soul Coaching, Essential Oils, Angel Therapy, and Angel Card Readings. Enjoying her spiritual practice of meditation and prayer every day, Terese’s spiritual gifts began to unfold.

Terese’s mission of being a clear channel of love, healing, and guidance has led her to where she is now in Scottsdale, Arizona; serving the greater good, helping to love, heal, serve, and guide.

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