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God speaks!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Today I was in the bathtub and thinking how I need to meditate more and use my tools to keep healthy and present. I always prepare when I teach and do healing, yet lately I got out of "practice". I had a long talk with my sister friend, Treasure, she is a marvelous healer, listening to her and having her hear me is so profoundly healing. We all need healing, and to have someone listen sacredly is a gift to be developed. The answer always lies within, when I take to time to go there. Having someone hear you helps create a portal, allowing the answers to come forth without effort. For me it shifts or lifts me out of the story I am carrying.

As I allow the water to cleanse me, I thought about God and how it feels as if it is all right here. I know we are unifying. As an individual I am doing my best to follow the steps the universe laid out, to live presently, to let go of old consciousness, transcendence. It has been a challenging road. There are highs and lows and plateau's. It is an astounding feeling to recognize the unity in bringing heaven to earth, something I have spoke of for years.

I was thinking God was here in my thought and I heard this message; I AM you and the Earth and the Sky, You are the creation of my creation, the moon and the stars, the galaxy. I am the good and the bad, I am life and I am death. I AM all this and I am the Center, and I am nothing at all and EVERY THING. I am the story of the world yet I am the void of consciousness, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, I am spirit and soul and wholeness, I am the Center and unconditional resource of energy. Life is returning to its originality, to remove what lies between, to be pulled into the collective world of presence. To remember the original plan and to create again.

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