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Great Change Upon Us

Change is inevitable. It is all around us and it is the one thing that we can always count on, yet so many resist change vehemently. They fight it, they abhor it and when things change it triggers the deep wounds that are lingering within. When you live your life from a place where the “unseen” Divine Presence is that which you trust more than anything you often find yourself swimming into mystical realms of deep change which you cannot understand with the thinking mind. You simply have to trust. You are called to change and yet the world and other people will advise against it. Old habits and paradigms come to the forefront and the ego wants to hold on to that which is familiar, comfortable and safe. As I was about to fall asleep the night before the invasion of Ukraine I kept hearing the word change, I kept feeling this sense of a big change coming and I could feel the fear that others would experience with this change. As I came out into my kitchen the following morning I was met with the numbers 555 on the clock. I was in that moment reminded that I had been seeing these numbers everywhere that week, however I had not yet looked them up. What did I find? Change.

In that moment I instinctively knew this guidance that change is on the horizon was something much bigger than my own world. Something that will impact so many of us. Our minds most often immediately move to the negative aspects of change that may be coming however living from a place of surrender we are called to dive deeper into trust. We are called to trust that no matter what changes may be coming, whether they are something within our own life or something more that will impact the collective we are called to trust that it is all happening within Divine Order and according to a Divine Plan that we simply may not yet understand. This is a difficult task. I will never say that Surrender to the unseen is easy. It is not. It is however the most important aspect of remembering the truth of who you are. The more that we personally resist and try to understand this life, this world and all of the happenings around us; the more resistance we create for ourselves and the more we will be forced into surrender.

Now that we have been with this current global shift for nearly 2 weeks, I have gained so much clarity on the change that I was being nudged to acknowledge. This is a major step towards the awakening of humanity. A global cause for love, a global outcry against the old way of thinking and being. There is so much talk about ushering in the new age…this age of Aquarius…this age of the Divine Feminine. Even though these past 2 years have been some of the most challenging and scary times for so many people if you step back and look from a place of Surrendered Trust you can see the perfection in the fear and pain. You can see how the darkness can and will lead us more fully into the light.

As I had a bit of my own personal fear arise this past week when nuclear discussions became a topic; I took my fear into the silence of my own heart and I was met as I always am; with love. I was shown so clearly that we have crossed over into a place now where the love and the light has the power to overcome that darkness and that fear. I was shown with a beautiful vision the power of collective prayer and the necessity of holding space for light to come more fully into our awareness. I was shown the tipping point of awakening. I don’t know how long this ultimate shift will be taking place it could be well past my lifetime; I do know however that it is happening and there is no way to stop the power and the beauty of a collective consciousness that is turned toward drawing love and light into our world. Of this I have certainty.

These times that we find ourselves in are challenging, I am not immune to these challenges or to the heavy energy that cloaks over us in these moments of great change. Times like this are when we need one another more than ever. Times like this are when we need to feel our humanity and know that we are not alone in our own personal pain, struggle, doubt and fear. Turn towards those places and those people that ignite a feeling a safety and peace for you. Dive more fully into your practice and I promise you will find contentment and freedom. As always we are here for you holding a space for love and light, when you are called there is a place for YOU here as well my friend. You are so loved 💞

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