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Grounding, Centering and "2 Breath Meditation"

We've spent quite some time in recent classes on the foundational qualities of grounding and centering. These are critical steps as we move towards opening the heart. When we come to that place where we are grounded and centered, it allows for an environment in which the heart can easily open. If we bypass these steps and go straight to working with the heart it can be very difficult to keep open. Maintaining an open heart, when we are not grounded and centered, becomes dependent on being in an environment that is naturally supportive and nourishing. Unfortunately those conditions are not often the case.

We spend a great deal of our lives striving to get back to this feeling of being connected, nourished & supported, while maintaining that confidence and trust in ourselves and the universe.

Often when something inside is seemingly off, difficult emotions arise, or we're just lost in discursive thought, beginning with grounding and centering is a very rich place to start.

As we look to experience life, moment to moment, from a place that is grounded, centered and compassionate we can begin to bring our awareness to catching ourselves getting lost in the story, lost in the mind and not being fully present. When this happens a "2 Breath Meditation," as taught to me by my teacher, is a wonderful tool for coming back to the moment.

The first breath we take in with our head lifted up and the spine straight. We breathe in the energy of the universe sending it to all parts of the body. As we exhale, visualize the breath exiting through the base of the spine and grounding into the earth. Cultivate that feeling of being grounded. The second breath is into the heart. Breathe in the quality of clarity, you can even visualize the heart having nostrils. As we exhale, send out love, infinitely in all directions.

It's a quick practice that can be done anywhere, at any time , and is often just enough to bring us back to the moment. This breath can be done multiple times for deeper meditation. As you begin to feel supported, try dropping the first breath and repeating the 2nd breath into the heart. Try resting there for a bit. In the heartspace, and feel it begin to open.

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