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Healing Starts with the Feet

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

​​“To honor the feet and their journey…is to discover the journey of the heart! Where the feet go, the heart IS. As the feet are tended to, the heart opens"- The Lost Book of Essene

I had the honor of co-facilitating a workshop recently with the wonderful healer Leslie Watts, on which we discussed the ancient art of Reflexology and how to introduce it into your own self care practice. During this workshop she shared a beautiful message, "Where the feet go, this heart IS. As the feet are tended to, the heart opens".

When I heard these words, I felt a deep resonance. There is a beautiful moment in each Reflexology session when the mind quiets, the body relaxes, the energy releases in the feet, and the heart opens. It is a powerful and sacred space to be in, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude in the moments when I get to hold space for someone in that way. To truly watch resistance surrender and to feel the heart takeover.

But why the feet? Why do I claim such profound magic to occur in such small real estate in the body? Our feet are incredible and beautiful complex systems containing over 7,000 nerve endings, each of which are connected to a function in the body. In this, a mirror image of the body is created at the base of your foot. Every organ, gland, body part and energy system are all stored like a hard drive at the base of the body. Because of this, any issue in the body, whether it be physical or emotional will reveal itself in the foot. This creates a beautiful map and story of YOU. All information of the body, mind, and spirit, stored and readily available to tap into in the foot. What a beautiful and complex body we have!

So next time you are walking, take a second to honor these beautiful feet that have walked this path with you. Allow yourself the pleasure of taking off your shoes and reconnecting into the natural energies of Mother Earth. Remember that your story is stored in the “souls” of the feet, and it is always your choice what that story will be.

Much love,

Kirsten Ryan

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