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I choose this place.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Where do I begin. With you. In my heart, in my soul, pounding within every cell of my being. I feel called to share the experiences that I am having in my home with my 2 dogs and all of Creation at my fingertips and within my being. When I am in this space, so many things make sense. I can see how all the puzzle pieces fit together. This is what I seek at all times, this is who I really am. Its exactly why I want to abide here for so long. This journey of loving oneself, the essence of this journey. Without it we are only 1/2 way there. I can see the path my God, my love, my heart. Which is all things…all people…all of it..

Focus my heart and my mind upon the truth my Lord. Draw me deeper within so that all parts of myself, all parts of my life are intertwined with you.

I can see. I am still learning, I am still uncovering. That is the truth of this planet, of this experience. Embrace that. Accept that fully and it gets a whole lot easier. There is apart of me that desperately wants to recall every moment of this special day. This time and space where I have connected with you. I just so desperately want this feeling to occupy me all the time!!

I just have to get things out. I just have to release the remnants of hurt and anger and fear. Every day it gets better and better. Yes. Every day I learn a little more, I shed a little more, I become a little more.

I choose to stay in this place with you my Lord, my god, my sweet divine mother.

#scottsdale #energyhealing #spiritualguidance #meditation #yoga #cavecreek

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