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January New Moon

Aquarius Season starts off with a New Moon in Aquarius at 1 degree on January 21st and what a beautiful and dynamic moon she is! This is the New Moon to kick-start your new year! The energy in the sky is all about new beginnings, and things that are seeded now will have momentum as the year continues to play out. Emotionally the energy will create a feeling to move forward with enthusiasm and motivation. January is working to be a bridge point where we are not only able to catch our breath but also get perspective on our ideal future and how to make it happen. This energy is opening up in a beautiful way that is supportive of the fresh start you have been yearning for.

This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius which is about themes of progress, connection, humanitarianism, and advanced technology. Aquarius is an air sign, the water bearer, pouring its knowledge for humanity and bringing swift changes that will be prevalent. Aquarius energy wants to heighten our consciousness to include new ways of thinking, being and vibrating. That said, connecting with others and seeing the bigger picture are key themes under this new moon.

Lunations in the sign of Aquarius are opportunities to lean into your inner uniqueness and embrace what makes you different. There have been changes that you may have felt that were needed for a few years now. But the two rulers of this moon Uranus (modern) and Saturn (traditional) have been in a square since 2021 blocking or preventing progress. It's been a feeling of push/pull energy to move and make these changes. This aspect is now separating which is helping along with the moon, in supporting you to seek out your desires, decisions, or action that you might not have felt you could obtain. The energy is helping to break down self-imposed limitations and encourage you to ignite your dreams and rebel against traditional approaches that might be outdated.

Venus and Saturn are also meeting up in Aquarius the day after this lunation, which brings the potential of longevity to relationships and financial ventures formed around the new moon." It could also be the journey that was taken in reflection, to now being able to know what you want to commit to; concerning values. Mercury and Mars are now in direct motion, and Uranus the modern ruler of the new moon will station direct the day after on the 22nd, ushering in a potent new beginning ready to plant seeds of intentions and figure out what you want to be working on as this new year begins. It's time to take action and direction with the lessons that we had been reviewing over the past last months. You might be closing out one chapter, in order to start fresh in the coming days. With all planets now in forward motion, it does offer a turning point in events or turning over a new leaf. It's a reset as we enter a new solar season and a new lunar cycle. All planets will be direct till April, 3 months to go after your highest visions. This will be fast energy, we might even feel like how did we accomplish so much in a short amount of time. This new moon provides the perfect time to pause, reflect, and manifest those 2023 dreams for a brighter future.

Have a blessed New Moon!

Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Rachelle offers Alchemy Soul Readings by Zoom. For more information visit

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