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Journeying as a practice

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I have been using and sharing the art of shamanic journeying for 23years. I have shared the steps with countless people and today I am wondering if people use this tool as part of a practice. As I grow in understanding the power of connecting with the invisible world I am knowing that when I journey all the information lives inside me. I have discovered dimensional reality lives in the intersection of my heart. Yes I do go out into the realms, yet when I choose to I walk both worlds, accessing the wisdom of my soul and my spiritual team that have offered their services to serve my greater good and the good of those in my life.

As co-creators the truth, the wisdom and the growth is the journey we discover while we live daily life. The tools we choose are the doorway in. The more it is practiced, the more there is to discover on the vast power that lies in the parallel worlds that are interconnected with our world.

If you want to discover the light in all life, find the portal within you will discover the light that is hidden beneath the surface and a world of beings who offer compassion, understanding, healing and knowledge.

Moving your consciousness in and out of an altered state is a exercise and a muscle. It is a spiritual muscle that we re-awaken to. A journey so worth it I cannot describe the feeling, one must learn and experience it, and take it into there home to discover what worlds and understanding to bring forth in daily life.

Your spiritual team, partners and healers await you. It is up to you how far to take it. I am never alone. I always have a resource that awaits me. When I step into a session with a client, they are always with me assisting me and serving the light, to open the perfect door for healing. I have learned to surrender to the process, fully trusting what comes through, knowing the healing is for all beings and I am serving with the highest intentions, to support and to honor the next steps of the journey.

Journeying is sacred to me. I live in respect, cooperation and a deep reference. I am beyond grateful for the relationships that I have discovered during my journeys. When I visit other worlds my objective is to bring that beauty into my mind and my heart, to remember the Earth plane is an illusion, and this is a stepping stone to discover my true essence and power!

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