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Look For The Good

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

"A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles."

Look for the good. This is the mindset that I continually come back to in my life. I am finally in a place in my journey where this just comes naturally and I don’t have to work at it like I once did. However there are still moments where this world becomes very heavy and I have to remind myself. Sometimes we have to really try to see the good in circumstances and people and sometimes we just don’t have the capacity to see it on our own. At these times we need to call upon assistance from the great unseen. At times this is where we must draw all of our strength and all of our knowing.

I have come to understand that this simple practice brings me the most peace and contentment. Some days in the journey when things are particularly challenging or heavy it is necessary to come back to the very basics of life and draw a deep sense of gratitude from the food that you to eat, the clean air that you have to breathe, a roof and a bed. And some days you are bursting with such a love for all things that the feeling of gratitude is overwhelming. Whether it is pouring out of you or you are pulling it out of yourself, it is a powerful energetic force that can shift your mood and your perspective in a matter of breaths. It is one of the great gifts that we have been given to live in this world that can be almost too much to bear at times. When you can remember to look for the good it is like an anchor of hope in even the most painful and challenging of times. When you remember to ask for assistance in seeing and experiencing the good in these moments you are gifted with a greater sense and sight from what you have had in the past. You are gifted with an ability to see beyond what most people experience as reality. You begin to walk in a completely different realm of understanding and each time that you go beyond your own understanding and seek council from the loving, divine Universal presence that surrounds, guides and holds us; you strengthen your own capacity for wisdom.

Trust me, I understand how difficult it can be. I have walked a long journey of becoming and I continue to walk it. I have broken through so much and still some moments I find old thought patterns doing their best to wiggle back into my way of being. It is the habits of my own practice that quickly draw me back into a space of peace and contentment. It is the practice of sitting and finding the stillness within my own heart that immediately engages the energetic field of protection and strength that cloaks me in stepping out into the world day after day. It took discipline and commitment to come to this place for myself, I now know however that it is all a small price to pay for the experience of love that always catches me when I stumble. It is this experience of Love that I want for all people. The desire for all to feel and experience the deep love radiates from my very core and I realize that is all that I can really do for anyone else. Continue my own journey, walk through my own struggles and continue to turn toward love and light. In that way each time that one of us chooses to BE in love we provide a mirror for others to see themselves and give others a sense of what is possible when we look for the good. This community serves as a safe space for your own becoming and in whatever you are in need we are here holding space. This is truly the only work that we can do for one another, hold space and anchor in love and light.

There is always a place for YOU here 🙏

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