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Mother Earth is Calling Us All Home

When I began cultivating a relationship with Mother Earth, I started to heal. Before this, I felt neither a true connection to myself nor our planet. It started with sitting on the Earth and sending her my love. Then I would close my eyes and feel her love come back to me. I would breathe her energy into my body and breathe out my pain and ask the wind to take it away. I gradually began to feel love and gratitude in my body and not just pain. She started teaching me with her ancient wisdom. Her broader perspectives began to heal my life. My body began to flow with love instead of pain and opened me to a whole new way of life. I began to feel like myself again. As I started loving the Earth, I started loving myself. I realized I was the Earth, as I am made up of all of her elements. She made me feel safe, loved, and nurtured, so I could come home to myself. When so much was going wrong in my life, I could always come back to this practice of connecting with the Earth to re-center myself.

Shamanic cultures have fostered this type of relationship with Mother Earth for thousands of years. They know that the Earth takes care of them and that everything has a spirit. They give to the Earth and do not just take from her as they depended on each other. Many of us have lost that connection to ourselves, meaning that we have lost that sacred communication with the Earth. Nowadays, we have pulled ourselves out of nature to just dominate it.

To cultivate your relationship with the Earth, start communicating with your favorite plant, tree, or rock. We’ve all heard the studies of house plants thriving when spoken loving words. Because everything has a spirit, we must be respectful. We wouldn’t want someone doing something to us without our permission. Shamanic teacher, Sandra Ingerman recommends first asking, “May I step into your field of energy?” Listen for a “yes” or “no.” If you hear yes, you can give the plant or rock an offering of your choice, sing a song, or just send it love. Listen or feel what it wants to communicate to you. From there, you can start building that relationship.

Next time you go hiking and pick up a souvenir rock, ask the rock if it really wants to come home with you. Tell your food how grateful you are that it nourishes you. Give thanks for the sun’s warmth. Give thanks to the water you drink and fill it with love, as human beings are, on average, 60 percent water. We have a symbiotic relationship with Earth, we breathe in her oxygen and exhale the carbon dioxide she needs.

Mother Earth is calling us all home to ourselves now. It is time for us all to transform our pain into wisdom and step into our power. We just have to let her into our hearts. When we respect her it fills us up with so much love and gratitude. She has a lot of wisdom to share with us. She has been screaming out loudly to us lately. The time is now: as we heal, the Earth heals.

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