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My Journey into Shamanism - A Shaman's Perspective

In shamanism, life is viewed as an interconnection. All living things are connected through an invisible web that binds them. In the shamanic perspective the earth is a living, breathing, organism, and all things in our world possess a power or a medicine. Medicine is anything that brings understanding and a deeper sense of who we are at our core, directing one into the heart. The heart is the center of our earth mother and the sun is the aspect of the father, bringing a balance and opportunity to become nature, a conduit and a bridge between the worlds. Shamans work with spirit guides and develop relationships with these beings to serve on all levels.

There are many different styles of shamans and all beings are at different levels and possess different talents and characteristics that make them unique.

I have discovered, through working in the spirit world, many compassionate beings who offer their experiences when I traverse these realms. Over time I have met many such souls who are part of a collective force in the universe. They wait for when we open up to acknowledge the presence of something greater than oneself–as we do nothing alone.

I have connected with ancestors, other than my biological family. In the world of a shaman, all things are done by agreement, and at the right time one, and when alignment comes to pass, we find our way to our purpose.

I have always said that this path chose me. It came at a time when I was at a crossroads in my healing work. I knew it was time to move forward and I was in the waiting, holding space for what would unfold.

One day it all came into focus, and I was blessed to find the next steps until I stepped into an ancient way of healing. The rest became a journey and the most amazing adventure I could never have imagined. I awoke to who I was becoming, and blessed enough to share this way with others.

tree with roots exposed

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