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Navigating Boundaries

Creating boundaries is an intricate system of the self knowledge and understanding of what is right for you and what isn’t.

Using healthy parameters around our auric field is an act of self-love. It’s a way of separating yourself in order to honor what’s going on inside the heart, body, mind and emotions. As we are elemental in nature, it is our responsibility to balance these elements that comprise our energy system. I have learned the wisdom of placing myself inside a healthy barrier to manage energy and still be able to function in day to day life.

It can be confusing to decide what is right for you and what isn’t as sometimes as we begin to do this work it may bring up reactions and old past wounds and injuries. The energy of the outer world goes right to the core of the wound inside.

If an issue is triggered from a past trauma, or old memory it is a time to retreat and go within to give voice to the emotion that arises. Old memories and wounds can come quickly and cause a strong reaction. Fight or flight instinct may surface causing us to use someone as a “surrogate” to release it as a mirror of the pain, an inappropriate way to let go. When something begins to surface it is our responsibility to lower our eyes and go within to channel the feeling as a portal of healing. All emotions are portals; they gage how energy reacts inside.

I began to learn how to make healthy boundaries years ago. It is a work in progress. It became my mode of healing as I channeled old energy in a productive way that brought me relief and helped me to move forward.

I have learned it is okay to show people the power of my boundary if it comes from a place of understanding universal laws inherent in all beings and is an act of love and compassion to reset the energy.

Emotions are a huge role in the art of empathy and keeping a healthy energy around my aura is an essential part of my practice. In order to feel my oneness and love of others it is vital I stay strong in my personal reality.

I am learning as I grow my boundaries can change as I do. There is no need for rigidness as I have learned how to care for myself, and know what it is “right” for me. I began to feel more confident in managing my energy and learned to listen to the wisdom of my body and my heart, as the key to my awareness.

Working on emotions can be tricky. Find someone to hold space for you as you walk this path. Emotions are portals of information and communication to help us to self-heal. Every person is born with the power of healing, as it is inherent in us all.

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