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October Astrology Forecast

We begin October in Libra season, a time to cultivate balance, create harmony in our lives, and encourage collaboration and partnership. Mercury retrograde will Station direct in Virgo transitioning from a journey of inner reflection, rethinking, revising, and, hopefully, resolving past issues dealing with communication and partnerships. It could take a few days for Mercury to wake up coming out of his retrograde, but the energy will still be better than when he retrograding. At the beginning of the month, the energy will have us still ironing out anything that went sideways during its retrograde. And because he will be opposing Neptune we may feel a little confused and foggy still. But the positive side is that we will be open to being more sympathetic and more forgiving over some harsh or misspoke words during mercury retrograde. Mercury is also in a trine to Pluto cultivating INTENSE mental focus and precision when it comes to manifesting our ideas into reality. Mercury will move into Libra this month highlighting relationships, equality, justice, and business. October also ushers in some forward momentum energy when later this month Saturn and Pluto stationing direct suggest that karmic debts have been repaid and responsibilities have been attended to during the retrograde phase.

Pluto, our planet of death/rebirth and governing over transformation is now taking on forward-moving energy. During his retrograde which started on April 29th, we had the opportunity to look at how we’ve tried to control things in our lives and where we’ve been holding back from experiencing life out of fear. It's now ready to uncover the depths of what's going on beneath the surface to step into power, strength, and reliance. Now that Pluto is direct and in a trine to Mercury in Virgo, this helps us to reinforce the positive transformation of your way of thinking and our perception of life.

Venus has newly entered her home sign of Libra, a much-anticipated transit each year as it softens our energies and brings our focus back to cooperation! Throughout Venus's stay in Libra, our close connections will be focused on mutual benefit which naturally makes negotiations between partners or friends much more harmonious.

Venus, the Sun, as well as Mercury will all enter into Scorpio towards mid-month, ushering in deep learning that life needs intimacy and vulnerability, trust and transformation. The big energy this month is the start of eclipse season with a new moon partial Solar Eclipse on October 25 in Scorpio, which once again will urge us to change, transform, and evolve. Eclipse season always accelerates things and this one will be no exception. This will be intense energy to release the shadows, inner ghosts, mysteries, secrets, and power plays. Where Scorpio lands in your chart, is where this energy will bring a period of shedding, grieving, and letting go. Whatever you’ve been holding onto unnecessarily: you’ll find the courage now to deal with it or let it go.

Jupiter will be moving into its home sign of Pisces once again, reconnecting us to the more optimistic and compassionate energies we experienced for a brief moment in time in mid-2021. But Because Jupiter will only be back in Pisces a short time (7wks) there could be more feelings of overdoing it and not feeling grounded. Jupiter can feel wonderful and expansive, but if there is no container (pieces) it can feel chaotic. Next year Jupiter will come into exact conjunction with Neptune in April of 2023, bringing back the essence of magical energy to be felt that could cause us to feel elated with hope and idealism.

We also have Mars the planet of decisive action turning retrograde in Gemini at the end of the month. This Mars retrograde, which is major energy that is carrying us into 2023, will start with a highly unfocused and disorienting square to Neptune. This can cause tiredness, feeling overwhelmed, or motivating energy that is inspiring. Either way don't push things right now. This is a time to give yourself space and grace till mid-November. Its purpose is to rebalance our will and self-assertion (which is fitting for Libra season). This is a reflective and potentially scattered time, and also a time to see what needs to be cut or severed out of your life, so remember to ground. October is gearing up to be jam-packed with so many astrological shifts happening, that it could feel bumpy and hectic but hang in there, December is looking to be somewhat calmer.


October 2nd: Mercury in Virgo Stations Direct October 8th: Pluto Stations Direct October 9th: Full Moon in Aries October 10th: Mercury Enters Libra October 22nd: Saturn Stations Direct October 23rd: Venus Enters Scorpio + Sun Enters Scorpio October 25th: Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 2 degrees October 27th: Jupiter Retrograde Enters Pisces October 29th: Mercury Enter Scorpio October 30th: Mars Stations Retrograde

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