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re-working the root!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I view my root chakra as universal. I call it my chakra of unity. I came by this after I 're-defined' that part of myself. As the root is foundational, I decided at a certain age I could let go of beliefs that I had clung to as familiar. I thought if I let this go I was offending my parents. Then it began to dawn on me that I am a mature woman who has lived a whole life and acquired many new perceptions that no longer related to who I use to be. Those values served me and now it felt appropriate for me to live by my own "moral code" and ethics. My parents set the stage, it is up to me to use my experience as a tool of reference and living my purpose through the truth I have developed.

I am once again fine tuning my root and life has been teaching me lessons on boundaries. I am tuning into, and listening to my heart and my body wisdom to define what is right for me. These past few weeks I have been fierce on living a life of self-care first. This is a challenging lesson for me as I have always allowed others feeling above my own creating another set of lessons. I have the awareness of what I am working on and made some choices to make someone else happy by doing something that didn't feel "right".

I go aver it beforehand weighing it, do I want to do this or not? Then the thought, it doesn't matter what others think. Another thought, be compassionate, you can accept being with someone and accept where they are at. The truth is yes I can do that, do I want to? I have always followed the rule, to give back at the level others give. Sounds easy, it isn't. As a giver, a giver of things a giver of support, a giver of healing energy. It has been so evident this week how much energy is "stolen" from me without my awareness. It happened yesterday while visiting with someone. It "sneaks" out of me. When I came home I was so angry. Angry with myself and plain angry. Now it is up to me to channel this energy to release it.

It was happening to my husband in a different way, yet the same. We went over and over it, together. Sharing how to correct or retrain ourselves on how and when we give. At first we are overly strong and now I feel am finding balance. He is different than me and handles things in a manly sort of way. I work on how I communicate to honor my relationships. I know I can change the boundary as I go, when I take care of my feeling and the belief that I was pre-conditioned with.

After hours of going over the story I took a moment to breathe and ask my spirit. I had the empowering thought, that we have very high standards. I ask is that ok? Yes if it relates to your behavior, if it relates to how others are, that creates expectations from how others treat you, setting yourself up for an emotional reaction.

I felt elated to know this, I laughed at myself, something I never use to be able to do. Now I see how important the lesson I created to discover this "knowing". I also know we all agreed to help one another learn these "truths" within ourselves.

These are important times we are living in. Spirit tells us we were born to be part of the mass consciousness shift we are experiencing on Earth. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to elevate oneself and share it with the world.

Take time to go within, challenge yourself to be kinder and more understanding of life's challenges. Work toward honoring your purpose and journey and creating an authentic life based on balance and developing a deeper spiritual connection to your self, your spirit guides and guardian spirits in all forms. Honor your element and keep balanced. Your true self is the center of all life, nature is who we are! You have elements, yet you are the center of your circle. Every thing was designed especially for you! The life you see outside you is a reflection of the world within. Change your perceptions within and the outer finds new form. This is the hardest and most rewarding work one can do and the only reason you came to the Earth, to shift and elevate yourself into new awareness and discover the light within and the light in all beings. Separation is an illusion, you are never separated from anyone or anything, the only thing you need to do is remember everything lives inside your heart, the center of the universe, the center of you!!

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