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Sacred Mudra from Archangel Zadkiel ~ The Yoga of Self-Ascension

Updated: Mar 28

Sacred Mudras are valuable gifts that assist with the integration of the release of the egoic presence that seeks to trap you. For as one opens and allows themselves to cleanse, to clear, to nourish, and to welcome in a new vibratory level, there are practices that can be offered to lovingly sustain this level. There are many sacred mudras; however, it serves to introduce you to one that is most helpful for this journey.

This first posture, (Mudra One), is the posture of

Wisdom, Love, and Compassion.

This is the one that prepares the subconscious mind to receive. Simply holding this position with attentive and loving breathing, relaxes the subconscious mind as it receives Divine Wisdom and energy.

It sustains the pure open state of receptivity.

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