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Shine Your LIght

Stand in your power. Stand in your truth. Shine your light as brightly as you are able. You have the heart of a panther. Stand in every bit of who you know yourself to be. Shine. Shine. Shine. The world needs you to shine. Our men and our boys need us to shine. Our women and our girls need us to shine. Our animal friends and our beautiful planet needs us to shine. The call is strong, the time is now. All of the work that you have done to this point has prepared you to shine. Those that are called will work through that which holds them back quickly, they will see their truth more clearly and within the constraints of your time it will feel and seem very fast. Just shine, stand in your truth, stand in our power and all things are possible. Experience and remember the magic. It is who you are.

The Divine Feminine rises to hold the Divine Masculine to comfort and heal. To support and love. To bring balance and harmony. This is the way. It is a process, it can and will be painful and challenging however interwoven through it all the veil becomes thinner and thinner and the knowing of truth and love from a state of surrender trust will hold you, comfort you and guide you through it all. We are here, we are as close as your own breath. Allow yourself to be. Allow yourself to fully experience the mystical realm through letting go. Letting go of your need to know or understand…the mind will never understand until the heart is fully empowered and is squarely in the drivers seat of this life.

We are here. We are here. You are the heart of God…You are the heart of Goddess…you are the heart of Al That IS. YOU. All you can be is a mirror for another. All you can do is shine and BE. Be the truth of who you are. Allow. It is all in perfect Divine Order. ALL of it. Not some of it, not that which we view as good or bad, not that which we view as right or wrong. All of it. Every soul is on their own journey. It is not your job to awaken another, to enlighten another, to convince another, to show another, to teach another. It is simply your job to BECOME. Become your truth, become your knowing, become and then BE.

Shine your light. Stand in your power. Speak your truth. Release any and all attachment to anyone else’s journey, to anyone else’s response or reaction. Simply hold space and pray. Pray. Seek guidance and strength from us. From the Divine Loving Universal Presence that is IS. You are even more. More than all of the love and grace that you have already seen and experienced. Even more. It will continue to grow and expand within you. At times you will feel as though you can’t hold all of the love and all of the grace but you will. You will continue to expand to hold it all. Take care. Take care of yourself. Take care of your body. Honor your feelings and rest when you are called to rest, work when you are called to work and more than anything else give yourself so much grace and love. We love you. We love you all and we are here. You are not alone…none of you are alone…not a single one.

Be well beloveds.

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