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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I was reminded of a meme I saw recently, how the Eagle soars above the storm. I have been blessed with an Eagle as animal spirit guide. I have not felt my Eagle of late and my first thought was I have neglected her. No need for regret or guilt, things come to you when you are ready and needed.

The power of animal medicine has guided me these past years. I learned to shamanic journey 22 years ago, it has been a guiding light in my life ever since. I have shared this tool with many people along the way, and its power lifts me and the person experiencing it.

There have been many times I “forgot” to use it, or I get caught up in worries and stresses of daily living and my focused attention is not on being present. I remember to use it in times of need or when I am looking for guidance and healing. The vastness of the journey is expansive and unlimited. As I journey into the spirit world through my portal, I see Eagle and she beckons me to get on her back as she flies me high in the sky, through beauty that cannot be described. It is a freedom I have not found in my earth body. We land in a beautiful forest where there is a cabin in the woods. I enter the cabin and a beautiful woman is there, stoking the fire and preparing me tea of herbs from the forest. This is my spiritual home, where I go to for respite. I have not visited there in so long that writing this has taken me into the consciousness of how it lives in my heart, as all the things I love, in all dimensions do. Over the years I have come to realize the power of how shamanic journeying has caused me to evolve and open up to the synchronicities of how all the worlds interconnect within me.

Eagle guides these words, helps me to remember what is needed and present. I feel a deep connection to the earth and its medicine, something that awakened in me the first time I journeyed and I met my first spirit animal guide, a beautiful bear that has brought me healing, guidance and protection for many years. I have never shared my journey about the Eagle until the moment I wrote this. These journeys are sacred and intimate and the relationship we form with spirit animals is an evolution and a journey one takes.

As I grow I am given a deeper understanding of what it means to have a relationship with a powerful force of nature that trusts and lives high above the storm, seeing the higher perspective of the opportunity to discover a new point of view away from the chaos and energies that often keep us from “seeing” what is right there all along.

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