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Soul work

Updated: May 3, 2021

As a private person I am learning the importance of sharing. It is revealing to let people into your innermost sanctuary to trust that it will be received and not judged. In the world of being a healer, my goal is to listen and understand, empathize when appropriate and show compassion to support someones journey. For me it is easier to hold space for others. I know the importance of giving myself what I freely share with others.

In these uncertain times I have found myself in uncharted territory, experience feelings of loss, safety. I am changing along with others which creates emotions and causes me to look deep inside to find what needs to be transformed. During this process I have felt as if I am weakened, yet my mind knows this is what soul work is. A deep dive into the unknown where I am looking for the light inside the consciousness of underlying cause or belief that is stopping me from movement.

On a spiritual level I am deeply reverent and understanding of the collective work we do, as the world holds a mirror for all to see pointing inward. The illusion of separateness allows me the privacy to work, and the challenge is keeping my emotional reality apart from the world, as we grow in unity, so does empathy.

If I am willing to be in this darkness, I have a chance to morph into something else. I chose to be here, as we all came here to heal. I know inside I can do this, as I a muster up the courage and stamina to surrender to the unknown mystery, viewing it, giving it a voice and letting it go to be transformed.

Emptiness brings enlightenment and room to create presence. Something deep inside compels me; do not abandon or resist what you feel, it leads to the portal of healing and transformation. The willingness to allow the pain to move through is the genius of the experience.

I am part of the collective movement to usher in a new age. When I am ready to let go of what I believe to be me, I align my soul to divine purpose.

Soul work is the hardest work, while I am saying no I don’t want to feel this, my heart and my mind and emotions guide me to go through, for this is the path set forth.

We are separate for a purpose, and when its time we will be transformed, ready to unite on a new level.

When I feel this way I take to my journal. I write to the angels and they always answer me.

This is what they shared, and is about all of us who elected to be here!

Dear child, we see you and we know the challenges earthlings face. You are still strong and you will recover victoriously!! We send you waves of light and love to pave the way through the next months. Stay faithful and know the strength you seek is always within you, lean on the energies of the heavens and trust the outcome will be beautiful!


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