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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

"The heart is your guru, your breath is the leader, the mind is the worker."

As I lay in yoga class Friday and beautiful Samantha planted these words into me; the heart is the guru…the breath is the leader. I felt a wonderfully magic truth seep in as I saw the final piece to that puzzle emerge…the mind is the worker. Within this human experience we have the ability to utilize these gifts to experience life in a whole new way. Our error, is simply a misunderstanding of how it is that we work as spiritual beings having this human experience. Nearly all of us have been taught the all mighty mind is the leader and that something “out there” is the guru. Whether it be God, Science, Nature or some other person/group that has the answers, we are taught to look for the answers outside of ourselves. And for some strange reason the breath isn’t even a component of our learning. This miraculous connection of all things that is with us from the very first moment to the last. The anchor to peace and connection that has the power to bring us immediately into a different state of being mentally, physically and emotionally…all of this and for some reason the majority of adults don’t even know how to breathe properly, let alone know how to truly utilize the breath as a partner in this life.

As you awaken to the truth of who you are all of these errors become so clear. And while it is strangely confounding it is easy to see how we have gotten so far off track. When we begin this process of becoming and we have experiences that cannot be explained by that which we have been taught to be true, everything changes. You come to clearly see and know that everything you require to live a life of peace, contentment, joy, bliss, connection & love is there for you. Every answer already lies within the depths of your own heart. You are the guru. We can look to others as a mirror to ourselves to empower us, we can look to others stories to strengthen us and we can look to others guidance to remind us however you can never truly awaken through another; it can only come through your own experience.

When you can master the breath as the leader in your life and learn to tame the wild and unruly mind something magical happens. Your truth emerges through your heart of understanding and deep knowledge. You awaken not through the mind but through the heart and you come to fully understand your connection to ALL that IS. This is when the magic really takes place, you find alignment with yourself, others and the natural world and you can utilize these powers in a way to co-create your daily experiences and ultimately live the life that you desire.

Living from the knowing that your heart is your guru, your breath is an all powerful leader and the mind can be a wonderfully capable worker to assist in creation will alter and shift your daily experiences in unexpected ways. The process is simple, I will never say that it is easy. Simply take time to practice; practice breathing, practice breath-centered movement with mindful awareness and practice listening to the still, small voice calling out within. Put yourself at the top of the list each day; if even only for a few moments. Simply acknowledging self-love and care will create a new alignment and awareness for you.

We stand in truth with you. We stand in love with you. We are here for you. You are loved and there is always a place for YOU here 🙏

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