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Step Into The Fear

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Take the first step in Faith. It really is the only way. To begin something that feels so big, so scary, so revealing there seems to be no other way than to simply step forward in faith. Without the trust that must be present this step seems unlikely. I have learned to place my trust into something so much greater than myself, I have learned that I don’t have to figure any of it out, I don’t have to try. I simply have to trust. Within that trust steps forward surrender. AS I breathe in that word the holding releases. The fear wants to take the lead, it wants to surround me as it feels it is protecting me. The truth is though, the fear is strangling me, keeping me bound. Some times it feels large and looming, some times it is barely a niggle in the gut. It is however always there. “You have to think of the consequences, you have to have a plan, you need to make sure you are protected and safe.” The words and thoughts of a family, a culture, a society. But what is the truth? Jesus told us to put all of our faith and all of our trust into our God. Where do the limitations lie? All of our faith and trust up to what point? What does it really mean to live a life of faith? What could life be like if we really trusted that the Creator of all the Universe has our back? Where would fear live in a life like that?

I’m beginning to understand what that life could look like. More so what that life feels like. Freedom. There is complete freedom in this trust. There is complete freedom in this surrender. It is isn’t the popular path, if it was we would have a much happier, more cohesive and loving society. It is however the path to freedom. Within that freedom we are brought to the simple truth of it all…Love. When we surrender our lives, our thoughts, our desires and trust that all things that happen in our lives are happening for our souls highest growth we are surrounded by one thing. Love. A deep, unchanging love that connects us all. A love that holds our hand and even lifts us up and carries us as we step into the fear that comes from whatever we are facing. This is the path of peace, this is the path of freedom. This is what our hearts desire. I breathe that truth in and it settles my own energy into my heart center. To step into this truth takes courage, to live life this way can only come from the heart. The heart holds our strength and is our connection to all that is.

I am settled into this truth, I am settled into my path, I say yes to the calling of my heart. I say yes to peace. I say yes to freedom. I say yes to trust and surrender. I draw the fear into all of that and it is no more. I love you.

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