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Surrendered Trust

Those of you that have worked with me know that I talk a lot about trust and at this point of my journey I have come to understand how living in the flow works and I simply ask myself whether I am living in a state of surrendered trust or not. It is a very clear yes or no for me when I may be in a state of struggle, confusion or doubt. I now know that we are called to trust in the very deepest way possible. We are called to let go of our illusion of control and develop a deep and abiding trust that everything that is happening in our lives and ultimately in our world is happening for our own growth and expansion. It is all happening to give us opportunity to choose trust and ultimately within that trust resides love.

For me trust is different than faith. Trust has always been something that has to be earned and it is something that is gained over time in relation. I was never taught to trust God and I never really had an understanding of this as a concept. Of course we all hear about having faith and it has always felt like something that is blind and there is no real proof behind it, you just either have faith or you do not. This may be a misconception or a misunderstanding on my part however it was how I always understood it and frankly I never had it. I was always searching. I was searching for something tangible to somehow light faith up in my own heart. Trust, for me, is something more concrete and provable. It is something that we have in those that have not let us down and are always there for us. I can only imagine that God has walked me through the journey of trust because for me it is something very real and knowable. Trust is of this world and faith is beyond this world…for me anyway.

Learning to let go and put all of your trust within the “unseen” divine presence that I know to be All That Is…and what I personally refer to God…is an interesting journey. It feels to me that it may never end and that each day simply shows us new ways and new meaning behind our trust. It means that no matter what the day brings we are called to trust that there is a deeper meaning and always an opportunity within each situation to trust that it is happening to move us to step deeper into surrender. You see Surrendered Trust for me is where I finally found what I was searching for; I found support, strength, connection, contentment and a love that I didn’t even know existed. It is letting go completely and continuing to let go every time that I find myself back in a place of trying to control. What I have learned is that when I allow myself to fall deeper into surrendered trust life makes sense and there is an easy flow that I experience. I release all expectations and I trust. In these moments God is always there to comfort me and and draw me back into surrender.

Whether we are aware of it or not we are all on our own journey of awakening and coming back to the truth of who we are and why we are here. All of us. This is why we are here at The Space. To provide practice, to offer support and ultimately to simply hold space for those that are called to walk through the doors. We are all walking together on this journey to becoming.

Our prayers and love are with you always and there is always a place for YOU here 🙏

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