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Swinging the Pendulum

Balance is the key to living. That is a broad statement to make. Through my own personal need I have learned by trial and error that when I am not balanced, I feel stuck, angry and confused about why I feel depressed. It tends to sneak up on me. When I feel balanced, I am flying all the while I am reminding myself to stay in the center.

I am then in a place of needing rest and I go silent. It took me one day to realize I have anger in me. Learning to listen to the heart, to stay in balance I remembered I over did everything the days leading up to what stopped me.

As I prepared breakfast the thought came, you are angry. I stopped and took a deep breathe in acknowledgement of the emotion that needed a voice. I instantly felt better! To stay balanced and keep myself from swinging the pendulum is a practice. I am human, I get caught up, I go to my breath and know that what I feel is past. I heard the voice of God inside me, come to me, all is well in this moment, breathe. It was a beautiful revelation! My energy is returned from where I sent it.

As someone who is a practitioner of healing, I hold myself up to some imaginary standard of being. In my heart I know it stems from expectations, something I work on surrendering.

Again, I take a breath and surrender into the thought. There is no such thing. It is a made-up belief that exists in my past thoughts and behaviors of how I managed my life and “felt’ worthy and accepted. Now I know I am loved and accepted in each and every moment.

God has shown me in every way and now it is time to trust and practice knowing that I am loved. When I falter, I know that it is a powerful opportunity to find my way back to the center and I can swing the pendulum with the power of the thoughts I think and the knowing this is the journey. It reminds me of Chinese checkers, when the ball falls out of the hole and you think, why does it not stay in the hole? It is the journey, things happen, you always have the chance to breathe back into the power of divine presence, where all things come together in perfect balance and harmony.

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