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The Body Knows

As the seeds of creation are blossoming all around me in the last part of this year my body has finally relented and asked for a break. You see my personality is such that if I am in the midst of creation I will drive hard to accomplish a vision that has been set forth into motion. My sign is of fire and my nature is of creation and vision therefore once I set upon something it is almost as though nothing can stand in my way. This is apart of myself that I am examining and working to find balance with as I continue to say yes to the partnership of divinely inspired action which seems to have no end.

As we step more fully into our own dharma and as we are shown the true nature of the I Am presence we have to continue to be willing to look honestly at ourselves. We must be able to stand with a humble heart of understanding that we still have so much that we do not understand and even though we Awaken to deep and astoundingly beautiful truths about ourselves and the world we live in there is still much more to be revealed. This practice of humility and surrender into the mystery will allow for continued unfolding and expansion. As soon as we THINK that we have mastered this life we have turned ourselves off to so much that is still to come. Our body is an ally in providing these opportunities to look at ourselves and see where we can continue to grow and where we still have to learn. If we allow space to slow down and to listen as illness or dis-ease speaks deeper into the heart we learn even more about how to most effectively navigate this BEING human. We come to understand our ability to work with the laws of nature rather than resist.

I continue to be shown that one of the places that I still have so much to learn is with the relationship to my body and allowing for space to really hear what my body is telling me. You will hear a phrase “the body knows” and if you work to understand what this means and cultivate a deeper connection with the body it will always work as a partner guiding and revealing what is needed and when. Unfortunately most of us are not taught this and we resist and battle with our body sometimes for most of our lives. We judge, condemn and push our bodies to the place where it must stand up for itself and say enough. As I continue to grow and learn through my own experiences I am shown the importance of this relationship for fulfilling our own Divine Purpose in this lifetime.

If we learn to honor, love and cultivate deeper connection with the body it will serve us well as a vessel to carry us through this lifetime. I feel a sense of excitement as I fall deeper into the remembering of these truths and the lessons to come. The end of the year is always a powerful time for reflection and there is a partnership with the energy of the new year to release and transmute all that we have walked through in the previous year. If we can look upon the past with a sense of detachment and wonder for its service to us we can step into the future with strength and resiliency for what lies before us; each day continuing to cultivate the power of NOW and living in the I AM presence of this moment. Flowing with the current of our daily experiences rather than resisting, fighting and struggling we are opened to the ease and grace that has been waiting to be seen and experienced.

As we step into 2023 what is being shown for our beloved commUNITY boggles the mind however what I know to be true is that we will continue to grow and expand together in exactly the time and space intended for our own personal journey drawing strength and energy from the collective. As always I stand in a place of awe and I am moved deeply as I witness so many empowered to say YES to the call of their own heart. I feel as though I am just beginning to truly understand what we are capable of and that in so many ways even though I have been on this spiritual journey for half of my life it is just beginning.

Words could never capture the sense of expansion and love that I feel within my own heart space when I sit in the stillness and silence with God. This is how I choose to refer to the ALL THAT IS, this is our own personal choice and there is no right or wrong in any of it as it is the expression of our own truth. Once we let go of our attachment and judgements we able to stand fully in the beauty of our own hearts expression and we allow space for everyones expression without any need to control or change anyone else’s knowledge, expression or experience. This is when you know you have touched something far deeper, your own ability to LIVE and LET LIVE is a beautiful indicator of your own journey.

As always as I sit and I am in the space of flow I call on the love and the light of I AM to strengthen, support and lift you on your journey of remembering. You are loved beyond measure and you are exactly where you are meant to be.

So Be It 🙏

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