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The Journey

As I sat this morning and wondered what may come through I realized I simply need to acknowledge a deep sense of gratitude. I often say that The Space is a wonderful example of Surrendered Trust. I had no plans for starting a business and I had no idea that my life would take this turn and this beautiful community would be born. I simply made a commitment to listen and to trust that the guidance that I was receiving from within was for my highest and best. I had no clue what that meant at the time but I knew that I had made a profound shift in my own perspective of how to live life. I remembered the Way of flowing with the river of life rather than fighting against the current pushing my own ideas and agendas. I surrendered. I let go and allowed myself to simply be quiet and in that quiet place I found love, support, contentment and beautiful inspirations for living the life that I had always wanted to live.

As I completed the first in-person session of the Ananda Awakening Intensive yesterday I realized the beauty and the perfection of our journeys. I can now see so clearly why I have walked this path and the understanding and the wisdom that I have gained along the way simply serves as a guide for others. I can see clearly the wisdom and the understanding in others no matter where they are on their own journey. I walked through my own deep spiritual work basically on my own, I didn’t have a community to support me, I see the perfection in that as I now watch this community support others during their own deep spiritual work. This Divine Loving Universe works with such precision it is incomprehensible until you are on the other side; from this side I see only the beauty in its power and connection.

I will never say that it has been an easy journey however I will always say that it is simple in nature. The practices are simple and with a commitment to Self the work will pay off in the most remarkable ways. As I work diligently to assist Spirit in the creation of this community I can only sit back in wonder and gratitude at the perfection of it all. My love and my appreciation runs deep and I feel incredibly honored and humbled to have an opportunity to witness as so many others awaken to the truth within their own hearts. This is the world that I see and it is my prayer that we can all awaken to see.

You are loved and there is always a place for YOU

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