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The Living Ankh Practice- The Yoga of Self-Ascension

This powerful Galactic Yogic practice will assist you to further expand your energy field and fill yourself with great peace and balance! This practice is a powerful opener and cleanser. It will prepare you to for deeper Divine connection. It was first introduced to us by Archangel Metatron, and here is the transcript of this teaching.

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Visualize a white ray of light coming into your left foot and up the left leg and visualize a golden ray of light coming in your right foot and up the right leg.

These rays meet at the base of your spine where they intertwine at each of the traditional chakras. The intertwining will give you the visual effect of a figure-eight at each chakra. Send this blended energy stream all the way up and out the crown.

After you have established this energy flow from the feet up, then call in an emerald beam from the universe right into your heart chakra.

Extend your arms to each side and send the energy out each arm and then out through each palm chakra. See this green energy blend with the golden/white spiral and then send it flowing out your palms.

ankh carved in stone
Living Ankh Practice Yoga Self Ascension

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